Dormitory damages decline

Mid-semester damages to dormitories are lower than they were at this time last year, continuing the trend that started in the 2012-13 academic year. “Damages are way down this year compared to previous years,” said Beatrice Miles, associate director for custodial services.

“So far this year, we have only had $695 worth of billable damages. That means the other houses have not reached their caps, so we have not billed for those,” Miles said. The houses that have reached their caps are Spencer House, Dodd House, Currier House and Wood House. Miles explained that these damages usually stem from student parties. “We have had a few parties that were out of control – and those charges go to the dorm, not necessarily those who planned the event,” Miles said. If a student or student group cannot be charged for the damages incurred by a specific party or event, the entire dorm is charged. Unfortunately, once the cap has been reached, the students living in those dorms are billed for those costs.

This semester, the majority of charges have been due to biohazard clean ups. “We’ve had more than just a couple of clean ups this year,” Miles said. “But these clean ups have not occurred consistently in a specific location.” Miles noted that there are not any specific dorms with excessive damages. “We don’t really have a problem dorm, which we have had in some years past,” she said.


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