EphTV broadcasts news to students across campus

EphTV, a new student run television program is currently being developed by Thobo Mogojwe ’15 and Alex Sun ’15. EphTV “seeks to provide a media platform that disseminates information and fosters dialogue for Williams College students and faculty through mediums such as campus newsfeeds, chat shows, interviews and televised performances,” Mogojwe wrote in an e-mail. The program has produced one news episode so far and a second episode will be released today in addition to an interview.

Mogojwe originally conceptualized the idea of a student talk show this summer and reached out to the Willinet Director Debbie Dane to start making his idea a reality. To develop the concept, Mogojwe contacted interested friends. During this period of expansion, Sun was brought in as a co-founder when Mogojwe realized that he had more TV experience. “In the initial stages, Alex [Sun] and I quickly realized that there are a lot of people [who come] from high schools with TV programs and that there was some interest among some friends and colleagues,” Mogojwe said.

Sun and Mogojwe reached out to Ali Tafreshi ’15 and Oladeji Odewade ’15 to host the show. The first episode was released via Daily Messages on Oct. 9. This episode included basic news commentary on campus and national issues as well as live footage of a performance at the Williams College Museum of Art. The episode can be watched via YouTube. The second newscast and the first official interview are being released today via Daily Messages. The interview is with alumni Will Rawls ’00, a former artist-in-residence on campus at the beginning of the semester.

Currently, EphTV temporarily uses Willinet resources, including their studio and cameras, for recordings until they can obtain their own. EphTV is not currently funded by the College, though Mogojwe said that the group is resubmitting a request for funding to College Council soon and are hoping to get funded. Looking ahead, Mogojwe said that the focus of EphTV will be on creating more episodes. “Our focus right now is improving our products, getting more helping hands and creating a strong presence/brand on campus. We’re extremely excited about future episodes,” Mogojwe said.


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