D.J.s Gent & Jawns to play Homecoming

As Homecoming draws near for the College, All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) announced its plans for the days leading up to this event. In the week before Homecoming, ACE plans to have a full spirit week of diversified programming before hosting a dance party in Paresky on Nov. 8. The dance party will be free for students with entertainment provided by D.J.s Gent & Jawns.

For those unfamiliar with the two D.J.s, Billy the Gents and Long Jawns first developed respectable solo careers as D.J.s and producers before the long-time friends banded together as Gent & Jawns. The duo has worked with big names like Diplo, Dillon Francis, Nadastrom, Caspa, Craze, Die Antwoord and more. Their music blends techno and house music into a dance party hybrid.

The decision to conclude the ACE spirit week events with this act before Homecoming was made in part due to budgetary considerations and in part due to plans for spring events. According to ACE Co-president Katy Carrigan ’14, the decision on which D.J. to choose was largely due to budget. In order to have a bigger event for Homecoming, money has to be secured from College Council (CC) in the spring, which is difficult to do especially because the sub-group allocation process occurs in early October, long after funding for Homecoming is necessary. This year, the budget for ACE’s Homecoming entertainment was $2500. ACE gave its agent this figure, and he returned a list of entertainment options. From these general options, the co-presidents selected their top seven picks so that members of ACE could collaborate to decide which D.J. would be best for the event. All of ACE then listened to samples from the D.J.s, deciding based on their mixes which would be most suitable as dance music and what the College community would enjoy the most. From these seven D.J.s, ACE played the top five at the general meeting, open to all students, and chose their top three based on the D.J.’s song choices, ability to transition and the energy of the mixes. They sent those ranked in the top three to the agent, and Gent & Jawns were chosen as the entertainment.

As Carrigan emphasized, the event in itself will be fun but is not meant to be a big name. The concert is supposed to be a good time leading up to one of the major events of the year for the College.

ACE does have plans for a bigger show in the spring. Carrigan noted that it is easier and cheaper to get bigger names in the spring since this is generally the time when larger artists do college tours. Money for the spring concert has already been secured by CC. While the artist for the spring has not been chosen yet, ACE is working on a survey to solicit student opinions. They are also hoping to collect feedback from their general meetings, as these meetings are open to all students.

In the meantime, ACE has a full week of spirit events planned in addition to the Paresky dance party leading up to Homecoming. “ACE is always committed to using student money in the most fiscally responsible and entertaining way,” ACE co-president Louisa Lee ’14 said. “We’re looking forward to a full week of programming to get everyone hyped for our Homecoming game this year!”


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