CC to replace VP for Student Affairs

This week Vice President for Student Affairs on College Council (CC), Mike Williams ’15, resigned from his position. He was elected by the student body on a split ticket with Erica Moszkowski ’15. Williams assumed his duties on July 1 for the start of the new fiscal year, but since returning to campus, he has been challenged with scheduling conflicts regarding his CC duties and other commitments. Responsibilities of the VP for Student Affairs include attending Committee for Undergraduate Life meetings, attending CC meeting and CC officer meetings and Upperclassmen Residential Life Ad-hoc Advisory Committee (URLAAC) meetings, among others.

CC Co-presidents Adrian Castro ’14 and Max Heninger ’14 were alerted to the fact that Williams was not able to attend meetings due to his athletic commitments as a member of the football team. Castro, Heninger and Williams met three weeks ago and then again two weeks ago to try and make the situation work for both CC and Williams. At a meeting between the three on Sunday, Williams officially resigned. “I wanted to step down because I couldn’t put my full effort into the position in the midst of football season, and I thought it’d be more fair to the school if we had a student step up who could meet the time commitments of the job,” Williams said.

Moving forward, CC now has the unique situation of replacing the VP for Student Affairs position mid-cycle. Heninger said that their initial plan was to hold an all-campus election, but they quickly realized that due to the CC bylaws, holding an election would delay filling the position for another three weeks. “What’s most important to us is that the position is filled as soon as possible because of all of the changes that are happening on campus that fall under the category of student life,” Heninger said. For example, URLAAC could conclude its work soon after Thanksgiving break.

After consulting with the officers on CC, Castro and Heninger decided that the best way to fill the position quickly would be to appoint someone within CC. The CC constitution states that CC co-presidents may nominate someone to the position and then the Council must vote on that appointment. Heninger and Castro have decided to consult with the officers on the original appointments as well. The deadline for self-nominations from those already in CC was yesterday, and the CC officers will now meet to vote on those nominations. The official selection was made on Tuesday evening and will be announced at the CC meeting tonight.

The position will likely be filled by a class representative. While not finalized, Heninger explained that the vacated class representative position will be filled by inviting the person with the next highest amount of votes in the original election to fill the position. CC will then approve that succession as well. “We’re doing this because we need someone who can just step up,” Castro said. “People in Council already went through CC training, already know how CC functions, so it will be a lot easier to just quickly move somebody up and get them up to speed and move on than to have to train someone new.”


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