Mindful Need

This semester, the College’s Psychological Counseling Services (Psych Services) is offering a new variety of resources to strengthen its presence on campus. With the expansion of group therapy sessions and Let’s Talk walk-in hours and the extension of appointment lengths, Psych Services is hoping to extend its outreach. We at the Record not only commend Psych Services for its efforts to publicize its existence on campus, but also for helping to dispel the social stigma that goes hand-in-hand with consulting a psychiatrist.

In a fast-paced and stressful environment such as the College, we as students tend to neglect our own well-being and instead concentrate on our academics, athletics or other extracurricular activities. Furthermore, students often enter college bearing issues that can seriously affect mental health. The efforts of Psych Services help to reprieve psychological issues by offering students free and professional support. This support should not be taken for granted, as similar services at other institutions are often limited, expensive and/or not run by professional therapists. While Psych Services offers the basic amenities needed from any counseling facility, they are attempting to further their image by advertising themselves as a friendly access point to students. By offering hospitable and accessible resources such as therapy dogs and group therapy sessions, students can easily approach psychotherapy in a more comfortable and less classically institutional setting. With 47 percent of last year’s graduating class and 27 percent of the entire student body consulting a therapist, the Record is pleased to see students are utilizing the resources provided to them.

 We at the Record also commend the campus-wide effort in promoting the cultural shift toward embracing counseling services. Together with Psych Services, campus groups such as Active Minds, Peer Health and the Mental Health Committee have made a concerted effort to help eliminate the social stigma that accompanies psychotherapy, enabling a significant number of students to make the trip to Thompson Health Center. We support these continued initiatives to promote the benefits of Psych Services and hope that the College continues to strive to reduce the cultural silence that surrounds mental health. Given the large number of students that rely on Psych Services, the importance of its services has multiplied. Psych Services has shown that it takes its commitment to the campus seriously, and we encourage it to continue to do so as it assumes an ever-larger role on campus.

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