Meal plan popularity increases for 2013

In order to accommodate the needs of a diverse student body, the College offers a variety of meal plans. The College allows upperclassmen to choose between 21, 14, 10 and five meals per week. Upperclassmen can also choose to to go off the meal plan completely, but all first-year students are required to enroll in the 21-meal plan throughout their entire first academic year. For off-campus and co-op students, a block of 50 meals is also available.

The counts for this year’s meal plans were taken on Sept. 16 after the add/drop period ended as reported by the Director of Dining Services Bob Volpi. The study indicates that the overall number of students on meal plans increased from 1918 in 2012 to 1968 in 2013, an increase of 50 students. There was a 6.7-percent increase in enrollment for the 21-meal plan, a 12.7-percent increase in enrollment for the 14-meal plan, a 19.3-percent decrease for enrollment in the 10-meal plan, a 34.1-percent increase for the five-meal plan and an 8.8-percent decrease for purchase of 50-meal blocks. The majority of students at the College are on the 21-meal plan.

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