Captains’ Corner: Peter Drews ’14

What’s your major?

I’m an English and psychology double major.

What’s your favorite jam to listen to at the gym?

I like either listening to Calvin Harris or Elliot Smith.

Which professor would you most like to play against in your sport?

Oh, that’s fascinating. That’s a hard question. I’ll go with Gage McWeeny [associate professor of English]. I’ve never even had him, but I feel like it would be really fun to see him run competitively.

What is your least favorite school to play at?

Oh, Tufts. I hate Tufts. We have a pretty bitter rivalry with Tufts. They’re the worst.

What is the team tradition you value most?

We have a stuffed teddy bear that we’ve had for almost 40 years. Before every race we chant “Bear, bear, bear, bear…” and then toss him up.

What’s your pregame ritual?

I don’t always do this, but the weirdest ritual I have is to put on my jersey the night before, look in the mirror and run in place.

What’s your favorite snack before a game?

I love Cliff Mojo bars cause it helps me get my mojo back.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in your sport?

I look back at pictures of me when I ran in middle school, and I wore the silliest Under Armour cause I thought it was cool, but now I’m embarrassed about it. I hope those pictures are never unearthed.

What was an achievement in your sport that you feel proudest about?

Honestly, going to Nationals probably this past year. I drove out to watch, and seeing 30 to 40 others who drove out all the way to Terrahote, Ind., just to see seven guys run was great. I’ve never been more proud of the team.

What is the most attractive team at Williams?

Oooh, good question. Williams cross country females have the advantage of sheer numbers. Yeah, I gotta stick with my girls: Williams cross country.

If you could play another sport at Williams, what would it be?

If I didn’t run, I would play Frisbee. If I could be really good at it though, I would play basketball.

Who’s your pro athlete crush?

Shalane Flanagan. She’s got that great, rock hard, runner’s body.

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