Men’s 1V boat dominates Onota Cup race

Last Saturday, men’s crew hosted the Onota Cup at Lake Onota, the Ephs’ home lake located about 30 minutes from the College. The weather was unusually calm, allowing for fantastic race conditions throughout the day. The men swept Ithaca and Coast Guard in the morning, before coming up short to Bucknell in two of three in the afternoon.

The first set of races in the morning pitted the men against Ithaca and Coast Guard. The 1V boat was the first on the water. Though the men took advantage of a quick start, Ithaca steadily made its way back into position, trading the lead throughout the race. The Ephs managed to pull away at the end, finishing in 6:07.0, placing them just 3.9 seconds in front of Ithaca but an impressive 15.9 seconds ahead of Coast Guard.

The 2V boat was up next for the Ephs. They took on an early lead and never relinquished it, adding more and more space between the boats as the race progressed. They finished with a time of 6:20.3, 14 seconds ahead of Ithaca and 26.9 seconds ahead of Coast Guard.

The men’s 3V boat came out on the water next for two consecutive races. They first beat the Ithaca 3V by 11.6 seconds before returning to the start line to face off against the Ithaca novices, the Ithaca 3V and the Coast Guard novices. The men did not beat the Ithaca novices, falling behind by 0.8 seconds. However, they still beat both the Ithaca 3V and Coast Guard.

In the afternoon, the men faced off against Bucknell to round out a long day of racing. The 3V boat hit the water first, but the tired men were unable to pull out a win against Bucknell. The 2V boat met a similar fate, falling by a mere 0.5 seconds to the Bison. Only the 1V boat escaped with a win against Bucknell, crossing the finish line in a time of 6:10.4, a mere 3.4 seconds ahead. The final race of the day had the men’s 3V boat face off against a combination of Bucknell’s 3V and 4V boats. This was the 3V boat’s fourth full 2k of the day, and fighting fatigue from the strenuous races, the men eventually fell to Bucknell.

“All of our boats were able to demonstrate that we can go out and perform at a very competitive level multiple times in a day,” said captain Zach Tarlow ’13 of the race. “We know that’s going to be key as we approach New Englands and ECACs.”

This Saturday, the men will travel to Worcester, Mass., where they will compete in the New England Rowing Championship on Lake Quinsigamond.

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