Women’s crew sprints to 1st in three races at Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Women’s crew competed at Saratoga Springs, N.Y. against UNH, Wellesley and William Smith last weekend. The 1V, 2V, 3V and novice boats all took first place. The women first got back on the water on March 30 at the Murphy Cup. The 1V boat took third and the novice boat finished fifth.

Spring break was the first time since winter training that the women were back on the water. They traveled to Myrtle Beach, S.C., to focus on improving technique and regaining a feel for the oars.

The first regatta of the season, the Murphy Cup on the Cooper River in N.J. was a mixed regatta with many Div. I teams competing amongst the Div. III teams. Despite the stiff competition and windy conditions, the women performed well, with the 1V boat taking the bronze in its event and the novice boat claiming fifth place in its final. This regatta also marked the first time the novice boat competed in side-by-side races as opposed to the staggered start races of the fall.

The women have been practicing at an alternative site in Buskirk, N.Y. because Lake Onota is still frozen. However, the Ephs did not let their lack of time on the water get the better of them. Last weekend at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the women competed against teams from UNH, William Smith and Wellesley. Williams performed admirably, claiming first place in every event the women took part in.

The 1V boat asserted its dominance at the 1000-meter mark, when the women began to push ahead of the competition. None of the women’s competitors could touch them as they crossed the finish line at 6:51.1, a full 4.1 seconds ahead of the second-place crew. The 2V boat, the only Williams boat that did not qualify for its final during the Murphy Cup, came into the competition with a point to prove. After an uncertain start with the boat colliding with the 250-meter buoy, the 2V boat pressed onward, eventually coming in first with open water between them and the second-place UNH boat. The 3V boat opened strong, but began to feel Williams Smith breathing down its neck midway through the race. Despite this and racing with a novel lineup, the 3V finished two seconds ahead of their rivals. The novice eight held a strong, steady pace for much of its race and was able to sprint to the finish, ending the race an incredible six seconds ahead of its competition.

“Every early season race is a great opportunity to make strides, and this weekend was no exception,” Co-captain Kat Amano said. “Each boat was able to put together a more complete 2k than at the Murphy Cup.”

After another week training in Buskirk, the women will head to Worcester, Mass. for their next regatta on Saturday, where they will face WPI, MIT, Rochester and Conn. College.

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