CC approves co-sponsorship fund and committee

On Wednesday, College Council (CC) voted to approve an Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Fund (ECF) of $10,000 to provide All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) with funding for events. The ECF, which will be available annually for at least the next three years, will come from CC’s Rollover Fund. According to CC Co-President Adrian Castro ’14, the new fund will “empower ACE to expand their role as the hub of all-campus event planning” by giving them more financial resources.

“ACE will be able to provide more help to students who want to plan great events, but could use some logistical support to do so. ACE will be able to help out with everything from booking a room to finding a good spot on the calendar,” Castro said.

Included in the proposal for the ECF was a stipulation that CC would be able to “maintain some oversight” over the fund for the next three years, according to CC Co-President Max Heninger ’14. This will come in the form of the same annual authorization from CC to which all such funds are subjected; the Vice President of Student Affairs will also give an annual report to CC about the fund when it comes up for review. A funding committee chaired by the ACE Treasurer will be formed to supervise the EFC’s allocation. In addition to ACE members, this committee will include two at-large student representatives, a representative from the Minority Coalition, neighborhood representative and a representative from WCFM. When the committee makes a recommendation, it will be examined by ACE to “ensure that there is proper oversight over all of the funding,” Castro said.

According to Heninger, CC has been working on forming an ECF for the past few years.

“ACE has been working indefinitely on restructuring its organization to increase oversight and become an even better representative body for Williams, but we noticed that they lacked one fundamental aspect of planning that limited what they could do: funding,” Heninger said.

During a recent meeting, CC passed a resolution to add WCFM to the funding committee for the ECF. This will allow WCFM, in addition to ACE, to be part of the fund’s allotment. Heninger hopes that the addition of WCFM will help to expand the conversation about campus entertainment by “centralizing all of the resources into one room,” ideally once a week. “WCFM is an important part of our plan to cultivate a stronger community,” Heninger said.

WCFM will keep its institutional goals in mind when working with the funding committee, but the focus is likely to revolve around student feedback.

“While our focus will be on encouraging more events like [the April 6 TOPS concert] that help promote the music culture on campus, we believe it’s important to ensure that the college sees a broad range of programming representing all sections of the student population,” said WCFM Program Director Gabriel Samach ’15, said. “This is going to be a great opportunity to start a dialogue about what sort of programming needs to be seen on campus, and we’re confident that WCFM has a lot to contribute to that conversation.”

“It is our hope that, as the Entertainment Funding Committee becomes much more commonplace at Williams, students will know exactly where to go when they need help with planning events on campus,” Castro said. “We also believe that as ACE grows in the upcoming years, the social scene will get much more organized and lead to a more vibrant campus.”

ACE leadership hopes to use the fund to support events for multiple student organizations. “This money is not just for ACE, but for all the student groups on campus,” Kaitlyn Carrigan ’14, ACE Co-President, said. “We in ACE are especially good at throwing successful events, so by going through us there is an automatic support system. We know the right questions to ask and the realities of putting on a school sponsored event.”

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