CC approves significant increase in spring concert ticket prices

Last Wednesday, College Council (CC) voted to support an increase in ticket prices for the formerly scheduled Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert. Ticket prices will be allowed to rise from $15 to a maximum of $27.50 including processing fees. This action enables All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) to potentially move the concert to Towne Field House, pending negotiations with Macklemore.

CC considered the implications of an increase in ticket prices for the student body before making a decision. “We understand the increase will be a burden to some students,” Adrian Castro ’14, CC co-president, said. “It was definitely difficult for College Council to raise ticket prices, but I believe the Council knew it was something that needed to be done to bring the act to campus. Council deliberated on the impact it would have on the campus, especially in light of the responses received in the all-campus survey that ACE sent out.”

CC moved to support an increase in ticket prices for a potential Macklemore concert, with 17 in favor, three opposed and three members abstaining. CC focused its deliberations on compliance with existing bylaws about how student groups are authorized to charge for events.

“The increase in ticket prices is allowed through the bylaws currently in place,” Castro said. “It allows for the treasurer to give groups permission to charge. After CC voted on this increase, [Treasurer] Emily [Dzieciatko ’15] gave ACE permission to continue negotiations with Macklemore’s agents and allowed them to assume they now had more money available for the move to Towne because of the additional revenue.”

While CC voted to allow an increase in the cost of tickets, the Council is unable to grant more funds to subsidize ticket prices for the potential concert. “Our $400,000 budget must cover the expenses of all 160 student organizations and club sports,” Dzieciatko said. “It is fiscally irresponsible to allocate almost one-fifth of our yearly operating budget to ACE Concerts [committee], who also brought 3LAU in the fall. We must strike a balance.”

Though the Council empowered ACE to pursue rescheduling a Macklemore concert, they also capped the event’s cost to students. “They just can’t charge more than $27.50,” Castro said. “The $27.50 includes all associate fees with the vendor. We suggested to ACE that they look for another online vendor or other form of selling tickets – if possible – to decrease ticket prices, but [we] understand the difficulty of finding a way to do this efficiently and cheaply. [CC] voted on $27.50 max, but again, [ACE] can decrease the cost if possible.”

CC hopes to incorporate further collaboration with ACE into its agenda this year. “This situation is definitely indicative of the relationship we want to establish with ACE,” Castro said. “We want a close relationship with ACE and we want to ensure we can help them when needed as well. We’re all in this together, and we want to ensure we’re able to effectively communicate and collaborate now and in the future.”

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