Carrigan, Lee assume ACE leadership

Last Saturday, Katy Carrigan ’14 and Louisa Lee ’14 won the 2013-14 co-presidential election for All-Campus Entertainment (ACE). Twenty-five percent of the student body voted in the election. Though Carrigan and Lee ran unopposed, they received 88 percent of the vote.

As members of the ACE board in recent years, Carrigan and Lee bring uniquely qualified experience and insight to the presidential post. Carrigan has been an active member of ACE since the spring of 2011 and most recently served as the co-chair of General Entertainment. Lee became an active member of ACE in the fall of 2010 and served as the co-chair of the Marketing Committee last year.

“We come from two different subsections of ACE – Marketing and General Entertainment,” Lee said. “We’ve both sat on the board for the past two years, however, and think that this perspective has made obvious the places that ACE can grow.”

Carrigan and Lee envision an ACE characterized by improved internal communication and definitions of chair responsibilities. “Better communication, which we’re addressing through a new secretarial position, will allow all members to be on the same page and act as a group to ensure that events are executed to the best of our ability,” Carrigan said. “We want members of ACE to feel invested in the organization and proud of their contribution.”

Carrigan and Lee built their campaign platform on commendation of past success and recognition of areas for improvement. As co-presidents, the two want to continue GrooveBoston, First Fridays, Stressbusters and Spirit Week events. The pair also seeks to develop the transparency of the ACE Concerts committee and strengthen the relationship between ACE and College Council. Areas Carrigan and Lee plan to target for improvement include outreach to the student body, the co-sponsorship process and the presentation of ACE meetings. They hope to institutionalize a series of movie nights at Images Cinema and to reinstitutionalize Williams Day.

One of the most crucial issues Carrigan and Lee plan to address is student engagement. “We both want to make a point of actively reaching out to the student body,” Lee said. “This will come in the form of campaigning to up student involvement and feedback as well as forums outside of ACE meetings, where students can voice their opinions. We’ve tossed around the idea of an ACE Great Ideas campaign as well as an end-of-semester survey so that we can make sure we’re really catering to the student body.”

The presidential duo also plans to rely on collaboration with other student groups to create pertinent programming. “We hope to have an array of different events,” Carrigan said. “By working with a variety of different student groups and organizations, we hope to plan something for everyone. As the school’s main programming body, ACE is highly influential on the student body’s social life, so it is our goal to plan fun, memorable and creative events.”

Maximizing student involvement in ACE could prove a challenge for Carrigan and Lee during their term. “ACE has been improving over the past few years, and we hope that our term will help it to turn a corner,” Lee said. “Overcoming pre-existing conceptions about ACE events might be a challenge we face this coming year. It is also important for us to retain members and make sure we grow effectively. We want everyone to feel purposeful and a part of the team.”

Despite the potential challenges they anticipate, Carrigan and Lee look forward to enriching ACE’s contributions to the College. “We want to turn ACE into the student-driven and dynamic programming body we know it to be,” Carrigan said. “Expect diverse programming, more outreach and a larger presence on campus. We want to hear everyone’s suggestions and hope to turn ideas into realities. ACE needs to work for the student body, so expect us to constantly be looking for input and feedback.”

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