Springing for new concert plans

As Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have backed out of their engagement at the College, we understand that students and All-Campus Entertainment Concerts Committee (ACE Concerts) are disappointed. However, we believe that ACE Concerts has several options moving forward that may ensure a successful spring concert.

While ACE Concerts may reconsider whether it wants to bring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to campus on a later date, ACE Concerts should continue to pursue Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as the spring headliner. Given that the spring concert is fast approaching, it seems improbable that ACE Concerts will procure an act that will encourage similar excitement among students by the spring concert. Further, Macklemore remains an incredibly popular artist, and his concert at Williams has been the talk of the NESCAC since its announcement. Given current time constraints and Macklemore’s popularity, ACE Concerts should attempt to reschedule Macklemore for another date in the spring.

However, Lasell is unavailable for any of the dates that Macklemore has offered to reschedule the concert, and therefore College Council (CC) – who is currently co-sponsoring the concert – and ACE Concerts must find a new venue in which to hold the concert if they are able to reschedule the concert. We do not believe that there is an appropriate venue smaller than Lasell on campus that could feasibly hold the concert. Further, given public outcry at the number of tickets sold last week, ACE Concerts could use this cancellation as an opportunity to address  concerns about the event’s exclusivity by expanding the number of students who can attend.

Therefore, ACE Concerts and CC should determine how to finance holding a concert at a larger venue. CC should use as great a portion of the rollover funds as possible to fund this popular event. CC has many funding obligations, but given the wide reach and appeal of a Macklemore concert, CC should be generous in assisting ACE Concerts and ensuring that ticket prices remain low. We also understand that an increase in the ticket price would be necessary to finance holding the concert at a larger venue. CC should follow the standard ticket prices of attending the recent Mike Posner and Kid Cudi concerts to determine the maximum price for Macklemore tickets, bearing in mind that poor attendance at the Posner concert was likely due to a lack of student interest – not students’ inability to pay for tickets.

While having Macklemore and Ryan Lewis pull out of their spring engagement is certainly upsetting news, CC and ACE Concerts can work together to make the best of this situation.

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