Sartorial Observer: Kevin Garcia ’13

sartorialBecause Sartorial Observer has traditionally been female-focused, I decided to make the subject of this week’s column a man at the College with stellar style. Before I even noticed the style of Kevin Garcia ’13, I took a liking to his shiny, sleek hair, which is always neatly combed in a very particular manner. In the past three years, he has sported several versions of the Mohawk, has made the Pompadour his own, reinvented the Fauxhawk and then the Fauxhawk mullet, among many other hairstyles. In contrast, his fashion style is much more reserved. Garcia’s style stands out because of its simplicity, subtlety of color and pattern and texture mixing. He truly does understand what fit means and his closet is a testament to that. To find more about this fashionable gentleman, please continue reading for a short interview with the fashion-savvy Garcia. 


Let’s talk inspiration: What do you consider to be your inspiration and when and where do you find it? 

The Internet. I reddit and browse their fashion subreddits.


What would you consider your uniform?


A pair of skinny jeans and either a sweater or a button-up shirt.


Favorite brands?


I don’t think I have a favorite brand. I do have a lot of clothes from H&M, so I guess you can say that I like their clothes more than others.


If you could shop in any city, which city would that be?


Madrid! I love European fashion so my first destination would have to be a city in Europe. In addition, I have always wanted to visit Spain. My favorite soccer team, Real Madrid, play there.


Have you ever thrifted?


No, I have not had the chance to yet.


How do you shop?

Well, when I do shop, I do most of my shopping online. It allows to me to access a greater variety of items that I may not necessarily like in the store. The reviews are helpful too.


What item of clothing would you never be caught wearing?


Boat shoes or sandals.


What is your staple accessory? 


A classic watch; currently I am sporting a Fossil watch.


How long do you spend on your hair every morning?


It really depends on how long my hair is; the longer my hair is, the longer it takes to style. I like to let the leave-in conditioner sit for a few minutes before I apply the gel, maybe three or four minutes. Then I add some gel in and style my hair. That takes at most a minute. Maybe two minutes if I let the leave-in conditioner dry too much.


What was your worst hair experience?


My junior year of high school, I went to the barbershop once and my usual barber was not there, for reasons I will not share. So the only other barber there [on this] Saturday morning said he would cut my hair. So I accepted his offer.  At the time I had a Pauly D kind of haircut and had asked for a small trim. He took that to mean that I wanted a buzz cut. I had to wait two months for my hair to grow back to an appropriate length to style it up.


Do you ever cut your own hair? 


I cut my hair during my first two years of high school, but back then my hairstyles were much, much simpler.


Does your hair style influence you fashion choices at all?


Since I’ve changed my hairstyle from the fauxhawk mullet to what I have now, I guess I’ve stopped wearing t-shirts, especially v-necks, and have moved more to wearing more sweaters and button ups.



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