CC adopts formalized SuperFan structure

At its Feb. 13 meeting, College Council (CC) passed a resolution to institutionalize the popular SuperFan program. CC will now vote on SuperFan’s budget at the beginning of each sports season, rather than voting on individual requests as the seasons progress.

“Rather than conducting mini-reviews of the merits of the program with each budget request, CC has now accepted that this is something that students want and is therefore something that CC will need to continue to factor into its budget and to support,” Krista Pickett ’13, CC co-president, said.

The final voting tally was 21 in favor, one opposed and two abstentions. While most voting members of CC agreed that SuperFan should pass, other representatives raised doubts about the lack of existing protocol for a program like SuperFan, which began as a CC Great Idea. “There were concerns that there is no protocol for a program like SuperFan, but Council members in support of its institutionalization advocated for passing the resolution simply because it’s a program that students love and that builds community around athletics at Williams, and we should not get caught up in needless bureaucracy in order to provide the campus with something it wants,” Pickett said.

Now, the budget will be reviewed less frequently and students will no longer have to pay for SuperFan apparel such as t-shirts and sunglasses.

Though the source of funding will be streamlined, it is unlikely that it will drastically change the way SuperFan itself operates. The CC treasurer will train a member of the SuperFan committee to handle the allocation of funds, enabling the committee to manage its own financial operations. “I don’t think much will change other than the fact that now there are fewer worries about funding,” Hayley Swan ’13, who co-leads SuperFan with Pickett, said. “This frees us up to do more events and order more gear. Funding from CC will allow us to take SuperFan to the next level this spring and hopefully that will be built on next year as well.”

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