With the exciting announcement from All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be performing at the College on April 14, it’s an appropriate time to examine the ACE’s methods for organizing concerts. We at the Record congratulate ACE on signing the contract; it clearly took effort and ingenuity to raise funds for the concert and negotiate with Macklemore. After the lack of enthusiasm and attendance at the Kid Cudi, Mike Posner and 3LAU concerts, we are glad to see that ACE has found a concert that will likely be popular and well-attended.

Securing Macklemore clearly involved good timing; ACE began negotiating with him right before he rose in popularity. We should note that ACE may not always get as lucky as it did this time. The College is a small school and it is difficult both to raise enough money to pay for artists and to persuade artists to come perform at such a remote location. We understand that much of the process comes down to chance, and our options are limited, but there are ways that ACE can prepare for booking an act that will make performances less of a gamble.

The new methods that ACE used in organizing the upcoming concert proved to be more effective than those used in the past. ACE received a lot of student feedback from the surveys they sent out in the fall, and ACE clearly responded to student demand. We think that these surveys could be used in the future, to ensure that even if the performer is not as popular as Macklemore is, the act will be one that the student body has had input on.

ACE is planning to use another survey after the concert, and we think they should continue to use that tool to gauge student opinion. This is especially important because the concert board of ACE is only composed of three people and it can be difficult for them to organize and get the help they need. In the past, ACE has had problems ensuring sufficient student participation, so a renewed student interest in working on the ACE board could be exactly what the College needs to ensure this kind of concert organization continues into the future.

Overall, we applaud ACE for its successful efforts in getting a popular artist to come to the College. We encourage ACE, as well as the student body at large, to continue talking about what constitutes an economical and popular concert.

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