Dining, administration work to extend Late Night service hours

Last week, College Council (CC) voted to move forward in working on a plan to extend Late Night hours to 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. CC believes that this change “is important for health, safety, social and economic reasons,” Krista Pickett ’13, CC co-president, said. CC is collaborating with Dining Services and the senior administration to move this idea forward.

Extending Late Night hours would be a more cost-conscious option for students. Because of limited food options on the campus and in the surrounding area after 1 a.m., many students resort to purchasing food or ordering pizza. CC hopes to “meet students’ needs in a way that does not pose an additional out-of-pocket financial burden,” Pickett said. “Extending [Late Night’s] hours might encourage [students] to remain on campus, rather than driving elsewhere to buy food.”

While the change would be financially beneficial for students, CC recognizes that extended hours will pose a financial burden on Dining Services. “Were this change to be implemented, Dining [Services] has assured us that their employees – including student workers – would be included in the decision,” Pickett said.

The administration will make a decision whether or not to extend Late Night service hours later this week. “We’re taking a long look at it,” Steve Klass, vice president for Campus Life, said. “We’ll continue to talk about it – what the logistics would be, what the finances are.”

Director of Dining Services Bob Volpi and Assistant Director of Student Dining Chris Abayasinghe have been in conversation with the administration and CC since October.

“[Volpi and Abayasinghe] have a few proposals,” Klass said. “One was to extend Snack Bar hours a couple of nights a week till 2 [a.m.]. We want to find an extra hour so everything doesn’t close down at 1 [a.m.].”

At press time, Volpi and Abayasinghe declined to comment, stating that they were unwilling to go on record until a final proposal was decided on. The proposal is expected to be given to the administration by the end of the semester, with approved changes hopefully implemented in January of 2013.


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