College receives 584 ED apps for Class of 2017

The Admissions Office received 584 early decision (ED) applications for the Class of 2010. This is about a 3-percent increase from the 566 ED applications received for the Class of 2016 in the fall of 201 and was also an increase from 2010, when 574 ED applications for the Class of 2015 were received.

“Early indications are that this is a very strong pool of applicants, which will make competition especially keen,” Director of Admission Dick Nesbitt ’74 said.

Applications were due Nov. 10 for the binding ED program. In recent years, just over 40 percent of incoming classes have consisted of ED applicants, and Nesbitt expects to see a similar percentage this year.

One noticeable trend is the dramatic decrease in ED applications from international students over the past three admissions cycles. There were 59 international ED applicants for the Class of 2017, compared with 75 international ED applicants for the Class of 2016 and 90 international ED applicants for the Class of 2015.

“It is too early to tell whether this trend will be reflected in the Regular Decision pool or whether it is simply an Early Decision phenomenon,” Nesbitt said.

Starting with the Class of 2014’s application cycle, the College adopted a need-aware admission policy for international students (“Admission adopts need awareness for internationals,” Feb. 17, 2010). Domestic applicants have continued to be considered on a need-blind basis.

ED applications from students of color have been steadily increasing over the past three years, according to Nesbitt. This year, 106 ED applicants were students of color, a small increase from last year’s total of 100 ED applicants of color and a significant jump from 85 ED applicants of color for the Class of 2015.

Nesbitt and the rest of the staff at Admissions are already hard at work selecting the first members of  the Class of 2017.

“We have just completed the reading and evaluation process and will begin our admission committee this week,” Nesbitt said.

Admissions will release admissions decisions for early decision applicants on Dec. 13.

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  1. Is it definite that the decisions will be sent out on the 13th?
    Because I was told by a friend who called the admissions office that they will send them out at 8pm on the 15th.

  2. Do you know the number of Early Decision students that were deferred and the number that were rejected or how to find this information?

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