CC approves funding for ACE spring concert

At its meeting on Oct. 31, College Council (CC) approved $29,375 of a proposed budget of roughly $55,000 for All Campus Entertainment’s (ACE) spring concert next semester. The motion passed by a 21-1-2 margin. ACE had already secured the remaining $20,000 from other sources of campus funding, including the four neighborhoods, which donated a total of $5500, the Davis Center, Minority Coalition, Frosh Council, Williams After Dark and other campus groups. The ACE Concerts Committee will also be working to raise an extra $1000 to $2000 through its own fundraising efforts over the coming months.

“This year’s budget is much larger than the budgets that have been used to throw the two previous spring concerts …  due to the changed nature of funding for the spring concert,” explained Quinn Pitcher ’15, ACE Concerts co-chair. “In the past two years, the revenue gained from ticket sales for the large Homecoming concert were used to fund the spring concert, which was meant to be a free counterpart to the Homecoming concert.”

Pitcher explained that this year, ACE had to reapply to CC for funding. ACE plans to use the money acquired from co-sponsorship of the concert and the revenue generated by a $15 ticket price to bridge the gap between what CC is able to provide and what is needed to host the event.

“We were very much partners in forming that budget,” Krista Pickett ’13, CC co-president, said. “[ACE] came to us … in mid-October with their original budget … We talked through it [and] encouraged them to do a survey to gauge student interest for a large-scale all-campus concert,” Pickett said.

Peter Skipper ’13, CC co-president, added that at the end of last spring, CC “told ACE concerts [they wanted to] see some sort of demonstrated student demand for these kind of concerts.”

ACE sent out a student survey to try to gauge student interest. The survey received over 600 responses, demonstrating that “clearly [large concerts are] something that students wanted,” Skipper said. “I think CC recognized the effort [ACE] put in … I think that set the tone for how we received the request.”

“Because Finance Committee and CC invested more in our subgroups [this year] than in the past, we spent a little bit of the money that has gone to [ACE’s] Concert Committee for the past few years, which made us look closely at whether or not [this year’s proposed budget] would be feasible,” Adrian Castro ’14, CC secretary, said. “However, last year this time, [CC] had $104,000 in its accounts, while this year, we have $119,000,” which explains why CC is able to fund a significant portion of ACE’s spring concert budget.

“The decision to return to selling tickets for the concert was a decision made by ACE Concert and CC,” Pitcher said. “Selling 850 $15 tickets to a show would bring in $12,750 … to help cover all the expenses of the concert that cannot be covered by CC funding or co-sponsorship alone.”

Pitcher explained that the $15 price was set because “CC and ACE Concerts decided that this was a fair amount to charge and because it was acknowledged that it would be fiscally irresponsible for CC to allocate [ACE] the entirety of the budget we requested, A significant amount of funding needed to come from somewhere else.”

Castro noted that following the acquisition of additional funding from ACE’s ticket sales, pre-concert t-shirt sales, fundraisers, leftover funds from the 3LAU Homecoming event and efforts by ACE to cut back in other programming, CC’s contribution of $29,375 figure is expected to decrease.

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