Women’s crew rallies at Head of Fish

Last weekend, women’s crew traveled to Saratoga, N.Y., for the Head of the Fish regatta. Williams hoped to redeem itself after last week’s disappointing finish at the Head of the Charles. After a week of rigorous training the Ephs were more than ready to avenge their tough loss. The women’s 1V and 2V claimed first place in both their respective races, while the novices also turned in impressive finishes.

In the collegiate women’s eight race, the 1V boat asserted its dominance with a smashing victory over Williams Smith. The Ephs completed the 3.35k course with a time of 11:43.07, 18 seconds ahead of the Herons’ 12:01.78 finish.

The women’s 2V was next up on the water, For the first time this season, the 2V had the opportunity to face JV boats rather than 1Vs. The new competition hardly stood a chance. The 2V boat finished the course in first place with a time of 12:16.45, followed shortly thereafter by the 3V boat’s 14:15.21 finish.

The weekend also provided the first opportunity for racing for the novice rowers. Two boats were entered in the collegiate novice four, and both walked away with impressive finishes. The Williams ‘A’ earned second place with a time of 15:02.46, and the Williams ‘B’ wasn’t far behind with a time of 17:36.99, good enough for 16th.

Many Ephs returned to the boats for afternoon races. First up was the collegiate novice eight category, in which the Williams ‘A’ crew handily defeated the Wesleyan ‘A’ by over 10 seconds, earning a first-place finish in a time of 13.33.94. The Williams ‘B’ also held its own, edging the Ithaca ‘A’ out for eighth place with a time of 14.25.34.

The final race of the day was the women’s collegiate fours, in which Williams entered three boats. Mid-race, however, the Williams ‘C’ boat was excluded from the competition because it failed to yield to a faster boat. Fortunately, the Williams ‘A’ and ‘B’ boats more than made up for the ‘C’ boat’s absence. Comprised of four seniors and a sophomore coxswain, the Williams ‘A’ defeated the Colgate ‘A’ with a first-place time of 13:50.46. The Williams ‘B,’ composed exclusively of sophomore members of the team, came in fifth with time of 14:19.22.

The Ephs’ victories throughout the day earned the team several fish heads. “[It] was the perfect note to end our season on,” co-captain Kat Amano ’13 said. The team’s impressive showing in all categories provided quite a bit to look forward to in the spring.

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