Spring Street Blues: Week of October 31, 2012

Wednesday 10-24-12

8:14 p.m., Ruland House: Steam from the shower activated the smoke detector in the first floor hallway. The system was reset.

9:19 p.m., Brooks: Campus Safety and Security received a noise complaint. Officers found 12 to 15 members of the men’s rugby team giving each other haircuts in the basement recreation room. They were advised of the noise complaint and asked to keep the noise down.

Thursday 10-25-12

7:29 a.m., Paresky: Officers and an electrical tradesman responded to a fire alarm. They found that a mechanical tradesman working in the first floor men’s bathroom had accidently activated a bathroom smoke detector.

10:58 a.m., Lambert Street Garage: A College painter reported what he believed to be an injured raccoon on the porch of the Lambert Garage. The animal was having difficulty breathing and made no attempt to move. The Williamstown Animal Control Officer was notified and responded.

7 p.m., ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance: A student reported a suspicious black SUV driving by the ’62 Center. Officers checked the area around Park Street and Chapin Drive, around the ’62 Center and around the parking garage. No vehicle matching the description was located.

2:50 a.m., Morgan: An officer  reported hearing a fire alarm ringing at Morgan. Dispatch reported that the alarm read as a “fire system trouble” alarm. Officers responded to Morgan, where the panel inside the door displayed “drill activate.” It is unknown why the drill was activated; a work order was submitted to have this problem checked.

Friday 10-26-12

10 p.m., College Archives: A call from the College Archives reported that a student allergic to bee stings had been stung at the College Archives in the Southworth Street Apartments. 911 was activated, and the student was transported to North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH).

5:04 p.m., Hopkins Hall: Security received a call from a professor who believed a student with him may have overdosed on medication. The professor escorted the student to Hopkins to wait for an ambulance. The student was taken to NARH by Village Ambulance.

Saturday 10-27-12

11:36 p.m., Park Street: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated female lying on the sidewalk on Park Street. Security activated 911 as the student was covered in vomit and was not responding to questions. Village Ambulance transported the student to NARH.

Sunday 10-28-12

12:01 a.m., Hoxsey Street: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated student passed out on the sidewalk. Security activated 911, and the student was transported to NARH.

12:23 a.m., ’82 Grill: Officers responded to a report of a semi-conscious male in the ’82 Grill in the basement of Paresky. While waiting for the ambulance, officers found the student conscious and alert.  When the Village Ambulance arrived, the student was evaluated and signed a patient refusal of treatment.

12:42 a.m., Fayerweather: A report of an intoxicated student vomiting on the third floor hallway of Fayerweather was submitted. The student was transported to NARH via Village Ambulance.

6:15 p.m. Schow Library: Officers received a report from Schow that there were four females dressed as zombies in the library being disruptive. The individuals left prior to Security’s arrival.

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