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I don’t know about you, but I spent Sunday evening distracting myself from homework by looking at the news on Hurricane Sandy. The reports were conflicting: Was Sandy going to hit us hard or not? Although the storm turned out to be pretty minor for Williamstown, with the sun peeking through the clouds on Tuesday afternoon, the Internet blew up with a mix of hilarious and anxious speculation. While the Twitter accounts @AHurricaneSandy and @IFrankenstorm, the website documented the response to Sandy in the Northeast and the fake Adam Falk Twitter account kept us up-to-date with our hurricane humor closer to home.

– Lauren Bender ’15


With the East Coast attempting to chart Sandy’s progress in a collective panic, @AHurricaneSandy gave Sandy a voice of its own. The hurricane tweeted about her trajectory, “THINK IMA DESTROY A STARBUCKS. I COULD REALLY GO FOR A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE RITE BOUT NOW”; gave us some insight into her musical preferences, “JUS DESTROYIN THE EAST COAST AND LISTENIN TO SUM ONE DIRECTION. LIVIN’ WHILE I’M YOUNG”; and revealed that at heart, Sandy is just like any other college student, “OH S*** MY DRUNK A** JUST TRIPPED OVER SUM WIRE AND KNOCKED DA POWER OUT.”  The creator of the account broke character to encourage people to donate to the Red Cross to help those affected by Sandy., an offshoot of the photo-sharing website Instagram, provided a place for people to share photos of the hurricane’s damage. Users shared photos of flooded homes, fallen trees and New York City’s blacked-out skyline. However, there was definitely room for humor on the website as well: One image showed a hurricane with the face of Sandy Olsen from Greasein the middle, saying, “Tell me about it, flood,” – a satire of the lyrics of a song from the movie. Another popular post on Instacane drew from other social media, quoting a post on Facebook by “Huricanee Katrinaa,” who started a girl fight with Hurricane Sandy: “So then, for my birthday party, which was an all category 3 and up party, I was like, ‘Sandy, I can’t invite you, because you’re category 1.’”


An unidentified student, frustrated and amused with the College’s decision to stay open during the stormy weather, created a Twitter account that pretended to be President Falk. The account satired the College for its decision to keep classes going despite Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s urging that schools and colleges should close on Monday in anticipation of the storm. One tweet read, “Hurricane sandy is coming to Williams! Talk to the Career Center or the JRC about weather-related job opportunities with God. #GoEphs.” Unfortunately, at press time, the Twitter account had been taken down due to its lack of veracity, but the tweets provided funny, snarky entertainment for students as they waited for news of the storm.


Much like @AHurricaneSandy, @IFrankenstorm attempted to encompass Sandy’s unrefined and ungrammatical side. While the account was short-lived, only posting 15 tweets, @IFrankenstorm kept the Internet and her 109,357 followers entertained with such proclamations as “JUS BLEW DA ROOF OFF A OLIVE GARDEN FREE BREADSTICKS 4 EVERYONE.” As a testament to her own strength, @IFrankenstorm later proclaimed, “Y’ALL BE WISHIN YOU HAD NOAH’S ARC TO GET U OUT DIS S***!”

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