SuperFan increases fan busing

College Council (CC) and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) are collaborating to provide expanded SuperFan transportation for students to away games at Amherst. The program originally arose from demonstrated student interest in cheering on fellow Ephs in the Williams-Amherst rivalry and is being expanded thanks to continued student interest.

“In the past, there have been attempts to get buses to specific Amherst away games, but we thought that each team deserved the opportunity to have fans at their away games,”  said Grace Rehnquist ’13, SuperFan board member.

Under the new program, each athletic team will have the opportunity to have CC-sponsored SuperFan busing at one game against Amherst during the season; this represents an expansion of the service from last year. A total of seven teams have had SuperFan buses going to Amherst so far this semester. Football also plans to take advantage of the busing in November. For home games, team captains choose which games will be designated SuperFan events. According to Rehnquist, if interest continues, the number of sponsored events may increase.

This is SuperFan’s first year as an official part of CC and SAAC. “College Council works with SAAC to get students excited about the games and to advertise the buses and with the Office of Student Life to arrange the transportation,” said Krista Pickett ’13, CC co-president. Given this new structure, many of the decisions regarding how busing will operate in the future have yet to be made.

SuperFan has been advertising increased events and busing via its Facebook page and through campus-wide communications such as Daily Messages and Williams Student Online (WSO). Pickett plans to begin working with teams and other interested organizations to promote SuperFan in the near future. SuperFan also sells merchandise such as t-shirts and sunglasses to students.

“This busing is really just one small aspect of what SuperFan does as a group,” Rehnquist said. “It was an idea that we thought would encourage students to cheer on Williams teams on someone else’s turf and bring Williams spirit across the NESCAC.”

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