College promotes Barbara Casey ’83 to registrar from interim position

Last Thursday, the College announced the appointment of Barbara Casey ’83 as registrar. For the past 10 months, Casey has been serving as interim registrar.

As interim registrar and now as registrar, Casey’s primary goal has been to get a more detailed picture of the functions that the Registrar’s Office oversees.

“Part of this assessment has included developing better documentation of these processes, which ultimately should be useful when we do a collective internal and/or external review to determine where we might be able to do things more efficiently or better from a customer service perspective,” Casey said. “The ultimate goal is to make the best use of our talented team.”

She added that another aspect of this review involves getting a better sense of how comparable institutions function, noting the possibility of incorporating some of their best practices into the Registrar’s Office.

Casey’s longer term goals include moving to online ordering of transcripts, transitioning the office’s website to WordPress, improving customer service and better communicating College policies and procedures to constituents.

“The College is also in the final phase of reviewing Enterprise Content Management systems,” Casey added. “Once they decide on a vendor, that will impact how our office does business.”

Casey was hired as assistant registrar in 1989 by Charles Toomajian, who served as registrar and associate dean before his retirement in December 2011 (“Toomajian to retire at semester’s end,” Nov. 9). In 1996, Casey was promoted to the position of associate registrar for faculty and student services.

“Toomajian was a wonderful mentor; his wisdom, guidance and advice over the 22 years I worked with him provided a wonderful framework for stepping into the position of registrar,” Casey said. She also mentioned that being a College alumna provides her with an additional perspective she can bring to the position.

“I like pondering new approaches to the rather cyclical work our office does,” Casey said. “Not all my ideas or solutions to problems have worked, but many have. To me, that’s what keeps the work we do interesting.”

According to Casey, the Registrar’s Office has many responsibilities. These include maintaining an accurate and thorough academic history for all students; providing effective class registration methods; maintaining secure student data files and an up-to-date and complete course catalog; preparing and publishing class and exam schedules; managing the publication of all official College bulletins and use of College classrooms; assisting with commencement; providing official transcripts, verifications and other student- and course-based reports; interpreting academic policies to students, administrators and faculty; and performing other academic administration responsibilities designated by senior staff.

“Given the office’s broad scope of responsibilities within the institution, the registrar is in a unique position to serve in an advisory role to faculty and the administration in the development of academic policy, which is important since they are often in the position of enforcing these policies,” Casey said.

Casey said her transition to registrar has been seamless thus far. “We have a great, well-established team in the Registrar’s Office,” she said. “I am grateful to Mary Morrison, associate registrar; Carol Witek, office manager; Angie Copeland, records coordinator; [and] Nicki Renaud and Nicole Wilson, registrar’s assistants.

“The outpouring of support that I have received since the announcement of my appointment means a lot to me,” Casey added. “I look forward to continuing to serve this wonderful community to the best of my ability. I welcome hearing about ideas that our office might consider to better serve our constituents.”

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