One in Two Thousand: Inan Barrett

Between her active duties as Junior Advisor Advisory Board co-president, “Acting I” TA and general socialite, as well as her jam-packed TV-viewing schedule, it was difficult to find time to get serious and intimate with the reality TV, celebrity gossip and Eph sports fanatic Inan Barrett ’13. While removing my shoes outside her room in ladies’ Meadow before my scheduled slot, I heard dramatic exclamations coming from within and what sounded like Barrett giving a friend some serious advice. Much to my confusion, I opened her door to find her sitting in bed alone in front of her computer.


Who are you talking to? Is everything okay?

Yeah, this lady is just crazy. [Points to her computer screen.]

Which lady? Are you talking to your computer?

Yeah. Well, I’m talking to Kim [Kardashian]. People tell me I do this a lot but I really don’t notice. I guess I do it when reading, too.

Reading as in books, or … ?

I mean, anything. Books, magazines, texts, gossip columns. I can’t help it, really. I just get so invested, and sometimes they just do the most ratchet things, and I have to tell them.

Yes, I think I have heard you from the other side of the house once or twice. Do you watch a lot of shows? What are your favorites?

It’s easier to say what shows I don’t like. My favorites at the moment are Scandal, Modern Family, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Braxton Family Values, Glee, Up All Night, Smashed … and the list continues.

Definitely some winners in there. You mentioned you read gossip columns. Do you have a favorite website?

Yeah, Black gossip. That’s the only real gossip I care about.

I’ll have to check it out. You seem really into pop culture and celebrities. Who are your favorites?

My favorite celebrity is Beyoncé. I think she is immensely talented and would be such a great girl to hang out with. She seems so sweet and down to earth and just keeps it hood, and I like that about her. She is so fierce.

I feel like you guys would get along great. If you could spend an entire day with her, what would you do?

We would wake up, get some breakfast with baby Blue and Jay[-Z], make sure we are feeling great, get dressed and head out into the world. Maybe film a music video. Hit up Kim [Kardashian] and Kanye [West] and see if they want to hang out. Hopefully that day Jay has an outdoor concert or something. Then, after, we’ll bring Blue home to her nannies before heading out on the town to get dinner. Then just out on the town, wherever the night will take us.

Sound like a fun night. Would you like to spend a day in Beyoncé’s shoes? Or which other celebrity would you most want to be for a day?

My first instinct is to say Beyoncé, but I feel like I live her life every day so maybe someone else. I would say Rihanna, but on a good day, not a bad day where she is getting unbelievably wasted and hanging out with Chris Brown. A good day where she is making good songs, hanging out with her best biddies, dancing. I’d like a day like that for sure. Maybe even Lana Del Ray. No, never mind, she seems sad.

Well, you played a great Rihanna for Halloween last year so I can definitely see that one. You had her style down perfectly. Speaking of style, how would you describe yours?

I wear pretty preppy pieces because I like that style. But not like preppy three collars popped. More like one item of preppy and put something else on to make it seem less preppy, so I don’t come off as too much of a prepster. I have a mixture of New York style as well, kind of urban. But not Baby Phat urban. Street slicker. Someone has called me that before. I love sequins and things that shine. Anything shiny, I’ll wear it. But most of the time I don’t really have a style. I look kind of bummy most days.

What are some of your other nicknames besides “street slicker”?

My most common one is Nani. That’s my name backwards. My good friend Parker McClelland [’13] thought of it one day, and it just kind of caught on. My family calls me Nanners. I’ve also gotten Inancé. That’s a version of my name and Beyoncé’s name because she is my best friend, mentor, love of my life and my overall everything. I remind the [Junior Advisors (JAs)] this year of Beyoncé because we are the same person, so they gave me that nickname at the end of their spring training.

JA nicknames are always the best. Being a JA must have really changed your experience at the College. Which year here has been your favorite?

Being a JA was just great. I loved my entry [Sage C]. But every year has been so different. I absolutely loved freshman year because my entry was amazing, and it was the best one of 2013: Willy D, a.k.a. Willy D-omination. But sophomore year was absolutely my favorite. I lived in Faye bay [Fayerweather] with all my best friends, made some new ones and I just felt like we raged constantly. Not even like partying raging, but just living life to the fullest.

I feel like you often live life to the fullest. I respect that. A question I just have to ask is, how did you end up at Williams when you hate the outdoors and hate the cold?

Yeah, I don’t really know. I went to a New England boarding school, and my college counselor went to Williams and suggested I visit. I did and really liked it. I decided to suck up the cold for four years. And I don’t hate the outdoors. I think it is beautiful. I would just prefer not to be in the outdoors and doing outdoorsy things, unless it’s not strenuous.

How would you define strenuous activity?

Strenuous would be [Williams Outdoor Orientation Living for First-Years] beginner backpacking and above. Anything that requires a lot of movement – a little too much for me. I would prefer not to go hiking on a steep hill. Or even a medium hill. Straight is good, I could do that for a little bit. Nothing over a mile. Don’t tell me how long we are going because I’d say “No way.” I’m not going to go canoeing unless someone else is canoeing for me. I like to dance. That is never strenuous. It’s always fun.

Dancing is a great time, especially with you. What is your ideal night here at Williams?

Starts off at Meadow, always, with my girls. Maybe even some guys if we feel like we want to share. A good dose of Beyoncé songs. Good drinks. Take that however you want to take it. Then we have a good solid pregame and head out into the world, stop at Goodrich. I love a good Goodrich party. Doesn’t matter if there are two or 200 people there; I just love Goodrich. Preferably Goodrich stage. Perfect night for me would be my friends NOT going to the bar because I can’t go because I’m only 20. But if it’s after Dec. 22, then we could go to the bar. Then, after the bar closes, which is so early here, head back to Meadow. Maybe eat some snacks and watch a movie. Or, I’ll just end it there…

Sounds ideal. It seems as though you’re out to have a good time. Do you have any advice for those wanting to do the same thing?

Just do you. That’s my motto.

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