Goodrich Coffee Bar reopens with reduced menu after delay

Due to the closing of former supplier Berkshire Bagels, Goodrich Coffee Bar reopened for the semester on Monday with a smaller selection of bagels and cream cheese available to students. Due to the closing, the breakfast location will no longer offer flavored cream cheese and will offer a reduced variety of bagels in comparison to the offerings in years past.

Following the closure of Berkshire Bagels over the summer, Student Centers Coordinator Schuyler Hall ’10 and the Goodrich Coffee Bar managers together selected Ginsberg Bakery as the bar’s replacement supplier. Berkshire Bagels was a small, family-owned business that was affected by the economic downturn of 2008 and never fully recovered.

“[Berkshire Bagels] did a valiant job providing a great service for the three-plus years since [the onset of the economic crisis], but contacted their wholesale customers in August to announce that while they were appreciative of our commitment to them, they were making the tough business choice to close up shop,” Hall said.

“We are now going to be ordering our bagels and cream cheese from a new supplier … Ginsberg Bakery, but we hope this will be temporary, as they are unable to supply the range of bagels and cream cheeses that we had before,” Izzy Griffin-Smith ’13, personnel manager of Goodrich Coffee Bar, said in an interview last week. “Starting Monday we will be selling plain, everything-, raisin- and onion-flavored bagels with plain cream cheese, butter or peanut butter.”

Ginsberg Bakery was chosen as a temporary supplier because it is local and because the decision allowed Goodrich Coffee Bar to open earlier in the semester. However, Goodrich Coffee Bar is “hoping to order [its] bagels and cream cheese from two different suppliers in the near future so that we can have a wider range of flavors in bagels and cream cheeses again,” Griffin-Smith said.

Goodrich is currently looking into ordering bagels from H&H Bakery and cream cheese from Franklin Foods, both of which are also local suppliers.

“We are very excited by the prospect of purchasing from these suppliers because we believe the bagels and cream cheese may be of an even higher quality than what Berkshire Bagels was able to provide,” Griffin-Smith said. “However, we have to take into consideration the prices of these items and how frequently they can deliver to Goodrich Hall. If their prices are low enough that we can continue to sell our bagels and cream cheeses without increasing the sales price, then we will make this switch.”

Until then, both familiar and new breakfast foods and drinks will be available for students to purchase.

“I think that most students come to Goodrich for the atmosphere and the incredibly good-value espresso drinks and tea,” Grifffin-Smith said. “Although I can understand why people feel disappointed that their old favorites aren’t on sale anymore, I think that there are a lot of great breakfast options available, and I promise that we are doing everything we can to get our flavored cream cheese back on the menu as soon as possible.”

Despite the difficulties associated with the closure of Berkshire Bagels, which were the cause of Goodrich’s delayed reopening this semester, the staff at the Coffee Bar is looking forward to upcoming changes to the service they are able to offer students, including the possibility of adding iced espresso drinks to the menu in the spring semester.

“I hope that [students] might be pleasantly surprised by the other items on the menu. We have a brilliant team of baristas and lots of great ideas for the coming year,” Griffin-Smith said. “In particular, we are focusing on introducing new products to our menu that are local, organic and more healthy. We are focusing on making Goodrich more green and sustainable for future years. We are going to branch out into social media and introduce schemes to reward loyal customers, and we are going to start selling Goodrich memorabilia, such as mugs and t-shirts.”

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