CC sees voter increase

This week, College Council (CC) held campus-wide elections for representatives for the fall 2012 term. CC saw a 22 percent increase in voter turnout, with 1128 students (52.4 percent of the student body) participating in the election. “That more than half of the student body voted indicates that students recognize CC’s ability to impart their student experience,” said Krista Picket ’13, CC co-president.

While 52.4 percent voter turnout is a remarkable step in the College’s engagement with CC, Pickett believes that this is only “the start of something truly good and representative. At the end of the day, it takes 2000,” Pickett said. “Our ultimate goal is 100 percent [voter turnout].”

This fall’s election saw a record number of students running for CC positions. Pickett partially credits the increase in interest to CC’s recent constitutional changes, which restructured the constituencies of representatives. All elected positions but one were contested this year, which “hasn’t happened before in my time at Williams,” according to Pickett.

Under constitutional changes passed on Sept. 5, CC has transitioned from neighborhood-based representation to a system based on class years. The constitutional changes did not adjust the prior system for first-years, which is based on housing. Neighborhood representatives from the previous election will carry out their terms until the Feb. 2013 elections.

Emily Dzieciatko ’15 was elected assistant treasurer of CC, a new year-long position created as part of CC’s constitutional changes and designed to oversee budget distribution and other finances. CC included the formalization of the assistant treasurer position as an elected position in this year’s constitutional changes; Dzieciatko also served as assistant treasurer last semester, when the position was created as a CC appointment.

Class representatives will serve semester-long terms alongside Liz Visconti ’13, Emily Calkins ’14 and Ben Augenbraun ’15, the class year representatives elected in February, before constitutional changes.

The senior class representatives are Laura Calloway ’13, Katie Holmes ’13 and Kristen Sinicariello ’13. Benjamin Fischberg ’14, Brian McGrail ‘14 and Gulya Radjapova ’14 will represent the junior class. The Class of 2015 representatives are Erica Moszkowski ’15, Kirby Neuner ’15 and Michael Williams ’15.

A new representative from each first-year house was also appointed. Jessica Bernheim ’16 will represent Sage and Jesús Espinoza ’16 will represent Williams Hall. Corey Michon ’16 will represent Armstrong-Pratt.

A run-off election will be necessary to determine the Mills-Dennett representative, as Karen Huan ’16 and Matt McNaughton ’16 each received 50 percent of the vote. The election will be held within the next week.

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