Stetson-Sawyer construction stays on schedule

The $80 million Sawyer Library is on schedule to open on August 2014, despite delays in the earlier stages of construction after both the economic crisis of 2008 and after severe weather set back the timetable last fall (“Stetson-Sawyer project noise spurs complaints from students, residents,” Nov. 2, 2011).

“As for the current status of the project, we are in great shape schedule-wise and budget-wise,” said Steve Klass, vice president for Campus Life. “There have been a couple of conditions that we met that slowed down the project’s progress, but thanks to the great teamwork on the part of our project manager, construction manager, owner’s representative and the many subcontractors on the job, as well as a summer of great weather, [we are] back on track.”

The new Sawyer Library is a part of the Stetson-Sawyer building project. Planning for the building project began in 1998 and was part of a multi-year effort to create new office and teaching spaces, build a new library and information and technology center and renovate Stetson Hall.

The chief motivation behind the construction of the new library is an effort to foster interactions that fuel learning and give students more “people spaces” – spaces where students can study, interact and engage with materials – in a campus library.

Currently, construction crews are working on the façade and the Sawyer addition. “We want to be as enclosed as possible for the coming winter, and we’re about where we want to be to make that possible,” Klass said.

The new six-floor Sawyer Library, which takes its aesthetic cue from Schow, will include an access services atrium, research and reference services area, large group study rooms and faculty office floors.

More people spaces, study spaces and book spaces will be integrated into the new library, and the book collection will be housed in a portion of the library called the “book cube.” To allow for more flexibility, the library will also support both individual and group study, as well as provide access to books and digital resources under one roof.

The project will conclude with the demolition of the existing Sawyer Library and the conversion of its site into a green that will create a cohesive quad of Stetson-Sawyer, Chapin, Schapiro, Hollander and Paresky.

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