Additions, renovations at the Clark expected to conclude in July 2014

After 10 years of continuous labor – from initial planning to design realization – the construction project at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute is coming to an end. The goal of the project was to generally enhance each feature of the museum for the sake of the visitor. Enhancements include the renovation of the main museum building and Manton Research Center (where the museum’s collection has been displayed during the remodeling), the construction of a new visitor exhibition and conference center, the addition of contiguous exhibition galleries and a vastly improved café.

In addition, the grounds of the Clark are being redone to include a giant reflective pool that can also function as an ice rink during the winter.

More landscaping enhancements include the expansion of its hiking trails (“Clark readies for next phase of renovations, aims to finish in 2014,” Oct. 26).

The project managers behind this construction hope that the result will be a heightened, more comfortable experience for the average  museum-goer.

According to Vicki Saltzman, director of communications at the Clark, the project is “moving along at a very steady pace” and is “on schedule for all aspects of construction.” Saltzman is confident that if all goes according to plan, the museum should fully reopen in July 2014.

The project itself will be finished well before then, however, to allow time for the installation of all its artworks before the Clark’s official debut.

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