MinCo votes on revised constitution, sets changes for fall

On May 1, the Minority Coalition (MinCo) finalized its constitution, passing two of the 19 amendments proposed in earlier meetings. The amendment process began at the MinCo meeting on April 17, after the revised MinCo constitution, drafted by outgoing MinCo Treasurer Matilda Feder ’13 and Kate Flanagan ’14, College Council representative for community and diversity, was completed and sent to MinCo subgroups for evaluation. The amendments, which dealt with the optional inclusion of activism in the function of MinCo as well as the issue of dual positions on MinCo subgroups and the MinCo steering board, were crafted by the Queer Student Union (QSU) and the entirety of MinCo, respectively.

The first amendment passed was under Article II, the statement of purpose and function of MinCo. “The Minority Coalition is a platform for collaboration between each group and the Minority Coalition, and between the individual subgroups,” the constitution reads. Superficially, Article II, Section A, Clause 1 was modified to include the phrase “and/or activist concerns,” regarding the responsibilities that MinCo can facilitate through “inter-subgroup cooperation.” The amendment passed unanimously.

The final amendment passed was under Article IV, which describes the composition and responsibilities of the MinCo Steering Board. The board consists of five officers: two co-chairs, the treasurer, the secretary and the communications director. The amendment to Article IV was in regards to the election of Steering Board members and the requirement that individuals elected to the Steering Board relinquish previously-held roles on the boards of their respective individual MinCo subgroups.

In total, there were five proposed amendments to this particular section of the constitution. The previous constitution language stated: “If elected, all members of the Minority Coalition Steering Board must relinquish any position(s) as a subgroup co-chair/president, treasurer or Minority Coalition representative.” This was changed to: “If elected, all members of the Minority Coalition Steering Board must relinquish any position(s) as a subgroup Minority Coalition Representative. The Co-Chair(s) and Treasurer of the Minority Coalition Steering Board must relinquish any position(s) as a subgroup co-chair/president and treasurer.”

The amendment clarifies that Steering Board members who are not the co-chairs or treasurer may retain their positions as subgroup co-chairs, president or treasurer within their affiliated MinCo subgroups. “This amendment allows students to occupy leadership positions within both the Minority Coalition and their respective subgroup while at the same time preventing conflicts of interest,” said Harry Gilbert ’14, MinCo secretary. The amendment passed in a seven to three vote.

Flanagan was optimistic about the finalization of the constitution. “All I’ve got to say at this point is that I’m grateful for all the hard work of the members of the Minority Coalition and I think that we’re at a great point for next year,” she said.

The revamped constitution will take effect at the beginning of the fall semester.

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