Women’s crew readies for ECACs with victory in Onota Cup

Last weekend, women’s crew captured the Onota Cup on its home course in Pittsfield, Mass. Similar to last year’s home regatta, Lake Onota did not disappoint in providing the crews with miserable racing conditions. Williams raced Ithaca through crosswinds of up to 15 miles per hour with gusts at 25 miles per hour. While weather posed problems for both crews, all races proceeded and the Ephs came out on top in all events.

The Williams 1V started the race day with a strong piece. The women took open water on Ithaca quickly, creating space between the boats by the middle of the piece. “In our race this weekend we were able to build on a few of our weaker areas from prior races and keep making progress in other areas. Overall this was an incredibly solid race and a great jumping-off point for championship season,” 1V two-seat Annie Haley ’13 said.

Next to brave the conditions was the Williams 2V, which shelled out a powerful race. The first 1300 meters were composed and powerful. Coming through the middle of their piece, the women continued to move away from Ithaca. However, the wind picked up on the last quarter of the course, limit-ing the Ephs’ effectiveness. Despite being disappointed with their personal performance, the Ephs posted a first-place finish in a time of 7:11.2.

As the wind began to pick up, the novice eight hit the course determined to make a statement. In the previous two weekends the rookies came in second to the Ephs’ 3V. This weekend, the novices were able to face off against a boat of Bomber rookies. The novices executed a powerful piece, displaying their potential by defeating Ithaca in a time of 7:36.1.

The day of racing was finished by the Williams 3V, hitting the water when the wind hit its peak. After moving away from Ithaca through the first 1000 meters, the women battled the conditions to post a wining time of 7:46.7. “The conditions definitely weren’t ideal, but that’s what we expect on Onota. The fact that we practice in the wind really allowed us to stay focused and execute a strong race,” 3V three-seat Sarah Peters ’14 said.

This week the women continue to train as they prepare for the New England Championship regatta on Saturday. The regatta will be held in Worcester, Mass.

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