Women’s crew drops foes

Last weekend, women’s crew defended its Little Three title in its first home race of the season on Lake Onota.

The women’s 2V boat glided to first, finishing 26 seconds ahead of second-place Wesleyan.
The women’s 2V boat glided to first, finishing 26 seconds ahead of second-place Wesleyan. - Photo courtesy of Sports Information

The women have now won the Little Three for 13 consecutive years. Although the Little Three typically includes Williams, Wesleyan and Amherst, Amherst no longer competes. The women’s 1V, 2V, 3V and novice eight all posted first-place finishes over Wesleyan despite rowing through a slight cross tailwind.

First off the line, the 3V women and novice eight lined up against rival Wesleyan. The Williams 3V started strong, opening its lead through the 1000-meter mark. The 3V clocked a time of 7:08.1. The novice women came in second with a time of 7:24.0, followed by Wesleyan in third with a time of 7:32.8.

“The [3V] boat was happy with how the freshman eight and our race went against Wesleyan this past weekend,” 3V stroke Kate Kiernan ’14 said. “We had been working on individual parts of the race in practice and it was great to see the work begin to take form in the race. The boat launched with a great attitude and ready for a tough race, but we worked together and were able to maintain the intensity and focus down the course. We are excited to keep practicing this week and face off again on Onota next Saturday.”

Next to race was the Williams 1V, posting a speedy time of 6:41.4 over Wesleyan’s 7:00.9. “The 1V had a solid race,” 1V coxswain Fiona Wilkes ’12 said. “We definitely built on a good week of practice and executed well on our home course.”

Capping off the day of racing were the 2V crews from Williams and Wesleyan. The Ephs took seats off the start and had open water over the Cardinals going through the 500-meter mark. The gap opened up as the 2V crossed the line 26 seconds ahead of Wesleyan with a time of 6:51.5.

“We were thrilled with our start, which set a positive tone for our piece,” said Kat Amano ’13, bow seat of the 2V. “In the coming weeks, we’re looking to pick up more speed by solidifying our sprint.”

Following the awards ceremony, all of the teams hit the course again to race another 2000-meter piece against one another.

The women will race on Saturday on their home Lake Onota against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Marine Academy and Ithaca. This regatta will be the team’s last race before New Englands and ECACs.