House damages total $4830 to date for 2011-12 academic year

To date, the College has spent $4830 in repairing house damages for the 2011-12 school year. This is a significant decrease from the 2010-11 academic year, in which damages totaled $9684 by mid-April. According to Bea Miles, associate director for custodial services, the College has paid $295 in material costs and  $1586 in labor costs since January for a total expenditure of $1881.

Morgan incurred the highest cost for a single incident this semester, when the College was required to pay $506 to repair a broken glass door. However, incidents have generally been minor and mostly involve students losing the keys to their rooms, requesting room codes change or incurring other small fines for minor damages.

During the spring semester, multiple students reported damage due to pests. Two students – one in Fayerweather and one in Wood – reported mice in their rooms. An ant problem was reported in Lehman, as was a possible roach infestation in the Mission kitchenette.

Seven incidents of student damage to glass and walls were reported throughout campus, costing the College between $32 and $506 per repair.

The greatest costs were incurred in January, in which $1114 was spent on damages, while February damages cost only $182. March saw a slight increase in costs, totaling $411 in repairs.

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