From first dates to first-years

The two weeks of Junior Advisor (JA) dating, in which the 52 JAs go on 26 first dates and five or six second dates in order to find their co-JAs, are hectic.

People often resort to grabbing a quick meal at Whitmans’ in order to make their way through all of the necessary people they have to talk to, but there are some who take it further. The JAs who I talked to planned dates that the writers of The Bachelor would envy. Rising JAs – take a leaf out of their book and have some fun!

Chris Gay ’13 & Kelsey Roggensack ’13

When Chris Gay ’13 was JA-dating Kelsey Roggensack ’13, he brought her to Agard. They spent a while collecting wood in the forested area outside of Agard and valiantly attempted to start a fire in the mostly decorative Agard fireplace so they could make s’mores. “It was very cute, but the fire went out very quickly,” Gay said. “We just ended up eating plain chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers and chilling while we talked.”

Alexandra Cornel ’12 & Austin Davis ’12

Alexandra Cornel ’12 was pleasantly surprised by the quality of her date with Austin Davis ’12. “All the guys were jealous of Austin because every date he did something different and special with each girl, so I was really excited to meet with him,” she said. Although people usually wait until the second date to pull out the big guns on their planning, it was not so with Cornel and Davis. “He brought blankets and pillows to Paresky, and we made a fort out of all the couches,” Cornel said. “We brought our meals there and talked for an hour about the different things we wanted in an entry.”

Charlie Sellars ’13 & Shenai Williams ’13

If you were sitting on Paresky steps this time last year and randomly found a hat on your head, thank Charlie Sellars ’13 and Shenai Williams ’13. “I have a lot of crazy and creative date ideas, so JA dating was my chance to get all of them out,” Sellars said. For his first date with Williams, Sellars punched a hole through a purple hat and pulled a very long string through it. The pair went to the balcony on the second floor of Paresky and attempted to lower the hat onto people’s heads. “I have to say, we got pretty good by the end of the date!” Sellars said. “We would lower it onto someone’s head, and then when they noticed the random hat on their head, we would yank it off.”

Caroline Wilson ’13 & Scott Fyall ’13

Caroline Wilson ’13 took part in an ancient JA tradition: trying to climb onto the rooftops of buildings on campus. “Everyone wants to get onto Stetson, although that’s pretty heavily guarded,” Wilson said. “People also really want to get onto the white part of West.” With her current co, Scott Fyall ’13, Wilson managed to climb on top of Schow atrium. In the end, though, Wilson said, “I think the date is more about who you’re with than what you did.”

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