CC appoints assistant to the treasurer

Last Wednesday, College Council (CC) voted to approve the implementation of an assistant to the treasurer position on CC. The passing of the bylaw was followed by a vote by CC to appoint a student to the position. Emily Dzieciatko ’15 was appointed assistant to the treasurer.

The bylaw states, “Council may appoint by majority vote an assistant to the Treasurer to assist in the maintenance of the Council’s books. Responsibilities will be determined by the Treasurer and may include but are not limited to: verifying vouchers and proof of payment forms; overseeing transfers; and communicating with CC group treasurers and the Controller’s office. The position will report directly to the Treasurer, who retains complete control over the duties of that office enumerated in Article IV Section 6 of the Constitution.”

“The idea [to create the assistant to the treasurer position] came from looking at the ways in which other NESCAC schools approach funding within their student governments,” CC co-president Krista Pickett ’13 said. “Many of them have more than one position in order to more reasonably delegate responsibilities and to help maintain an institutional knowledge about the way funding works.

“One of College Council’s central responsibilities is to allocate over $400,000 of Student Activities Tax [SAT] money, and so the structure of CC should reflect how seriously we take this commitment,” Pickett said.

Any member of CC was eligible to be nominated or to nominate themselves for the position, according to CC co-president Peter Skipper ’13. “Since there is no precedent for creating a position within CC like this and because the position is so important, we decided that the entire Council should elect the position, instead of it being appointed by the eight members of the Appointments Committee,” he said.

“We opened the floor for nominations and those nominated for the position each spoke for a few minutes about why they thought they were qualified. After we asked the candidates to leave the room, Council deliberated and eventually held a vote for each candidate,” Skipper continued.

The creation of the position is effective immediately. The success of the position will be evaluated at the end of the semester. “If it is found to be beneficial, we will consider designing a permanent, elected position for the fall,” Pickett said.

Dzieciatko, current Sage Hall representative, was elected to the position. Earlier in the semester, Dzieciatko was also appointed to the Finance Committee within Council. Additionally, she has served as vice president of Frosh Council since the fall.

Dzieciatko will work under the direct oversight of CC treasurer April Jenkins ’14 this spring to help maintain CC’s books and to communicate with treasurers of various student organizations on campus. Dzieciatko will continue in the position in the fall, when Jillian Schwiep ’13 assumes treasurer duties.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work alongside April [Jenkins] and learn about how the [SAT] is distributed amongst all the different groups and to help ensure transparency in the finances,” Dzieciatko said.

“I am excited to learn about and work with all the student groups on campus to most efficiently allocate funds. I think that through this function I will truly get to learn how groups function and how comprehensive and well-rounded the interests of the Williams community are,” she said.

“We are confident that [Dzieciatko] will work well alongside April to continue making the funding process accessible and efficient,” Pickett said.

“This is a position that I am very excited about for its potential to clarify CC funding and serve the student body better,” Jenkins said.

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