CC passes resolution to support expansion of SuperFan program

At last week’s College Council (CC) meeting, a proposed resolution to revise and improve the SuperFan program was passed unanimously. 

The resolution, drafted by CC co-presidents Krista Pickett ’13 and Peter Skipper ’13 and co-sponsored by CC treasurer April Jenkins ’14 and CC secretary Adrian Castro ’14, aims to meet goals of attracting larger audiences to athletic games, increasing school spirit, encouraging more widespread event advertising and meeting a high demand for transportation to athletic contests held off-campus.

“The SuperFan resolution was written to demonstrate our commitment to allocating funding to the program and as a promise that we will create a SuperFan Committee,” Pickett said.

Pickett credited the program’s earlier success to the combined dedication of athletes, coaches and spectators, and cited its goal of bringing the community together as the reason for Council’s unanimous vote in favor of the resolution.

The resolution noted the importance of athletics in student life at the College as well as the popularity of the SuperFan program among community members.

In order to address demand for transportation to away games, CC has resolved to allocate adequate funding to the SuperFan program so that one bus can travel to away games for each varsity team each season.

Finally, teams requesting transportation buses are required by the resolution to advertise their away games “through all available communication forms” on campus.

Moving forward, a SuperFan Committee will also be established to oversee the program’s development. The committee will be open to all interested students and will be funded by CC.  “This will make the program more sustainable … something that students in the years to come will continue to be able to enjoy,” Pickett said.

The success of the program expansion will be evaluated by CC no later than next spring. “We are hoping that by reinvigorating the SuperFan program, we can bring students and the community together both on and off the field,” Pickett said.

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