Letter to the Editor: Thanking Dining Services for exceptional work

To the Editor:

Last semester I requested to be allowed to go off the meal plan entirely – despite living on campus – so that I could facilitate my desire to eat only humanely-raised meat. In my experience, the dining halls rarely had options that met this criteria. I presumed it would be easier to go off the meal plan than try to have Dining Services meet my needs. Much to my surprise and pleasure, Dining Services actually accommodated me completely. The directors asked me to meet with them, and we worked out a plan; four of my meals per week now have meat portions from Cricket Creek Farm here in town, and the other meal comes from Misty Knoll Farm, which is located just a few hours north in Vermont.

I want to thank Dining Services for meeting the commitment posted on its website to “buy local, fresh food whenever possible.” We are incredibly lucky to go to a school that is served by people willing to “make every effort to accommodate medical and religious dietary needs.” My desire to eat only humanely-raised meat is rooted in both these issues. Humanely-raised animals are healthier for consumption, and the purchase of such meats supports farming practices that are respectful to the animals. Now, I am lucky to live off-campus so that I can do my own cooking, but I still frequent Cricket Creek in lieu of Stop and Shop. I would encourage other students who have special dietary requirements, such as an interest in eating only humanely-raised meat, to meet with Dining Services.


-Jimi Morales ’12

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