Sartorial Observer: Keeping the Sunday hangover cozy but cute

We’ve all been there: waking up on a Saturday morning to a pounding headache, upset stomach and general feeling of death after a night of excessive partying.

Sartorial Observer
Narah Moon ’14 balances an oversized boyfriend sweater with slim-fitting leggings and a warm beanie. Photo by Caleb Baer, Photo Editor.

The last thing on our minds – myself included – is the desire to look cute and fashionable, but the reality is that we go to school on a very small campus with about 2000 students. The odds of running into that one person who you’d want to look good for are disturbingly high, so here are a couple of ways to look warm, cozy and sexy, even when you may not be feeling your best.

The key to pulling off “hangover chic” is fabric type and fit. We want something that feels good against our skin, but is loose enough so we can comfortably curl up and take a nap if need be. I love the boyfriend sweater on a girl. Available in a wide range of fabric types, from cashmere to cotton to wool, this is one of those pieces that you can throw on without much thought, and its oversized silhouette only adds to its comfort and coziness. Balance it out with a pair of jeans – if you put baggy sweatpants on, you’ll look lost in fabric, but a pair of jeans will temper the more oversized top. You can find the boyfriend sweater just about anywhere, but I have a couple of friends who forego the specifically oversized sweater made for girls and would rather stock up on men’s v-necks from J. Crew or Gap. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have yourself a boyfriend, save the money and just take one of his sweaters when he’s sleeping, provided that the size difference between the two of you does not rival that between Kim Kardashian and her former husband.

Guys, this is when you break out your thermal knits. Great for layering under button-downs in the dead of winter to add extra warmth to an outfit, they are also great on their own. I happen to be partial to the henley silhouette since that style of shirt can be unbuttoned and the collar can flop nonchalantly to the side and frame your face particularly well. Henleys are also a bit more unexpected as they represent a cross between a v-neck, a polo shirt and a crew neck sweater. Since it can function like a sweater, try layering it over a button down shirt sometime. Get a couple of these in darker tones, and all you’ll need to do when you’re hurting on those especially cold Winter Study mornings is roll out of bed, pull one on with a pair of jeans and stumble out the door. You don’t even need to be fully awake and you’ll be looking good.

Now, a word on sweatpants. It is so tempting in these situations to don sweats and a t-shirt and be done with it. I have fallen prey to this temptation a few times. Sweatpants aren’t a bad piece of clothing – they are comfortable and cozy. One of my best friends personally believes they ward off sickness! However, if you are planning on wearing them in public, as with any other piece of clothing, you need to pay attention to fit. Avoid the sweatpants that balloon out in the hips and then taper into elastic ankles. They aren’t flattering on any body type, male or female. Instead, try to find ones that have more of a straight leg, which is a silhouette that’s flattering in everything from sweats to khakis to denim. I have purchased a pair at Goff’s, so you don’t need to look very hard to find what I’m talking about. Then, balance the sweats with a top that does not involve a sweatshirt. My JA used to wear an oxford cotton button-down shirt with her sweats, and I always thought that looked good. I have also seen guys wearing a t-shirt and cardigan (you could even pull out that thermal henley now!) with their sweats, which looked simultaneously comfy (take the cardigan off and roll it into a makeshift pillow if things get really bad?), cozy and stylish.

Looking your best when you’re not feeling your best isn’t that hard. Just concentrate on finding pieces with a looser fit and super cozy materials that can be combined without any effort into an outfit that might put a little extra energy into an otherwise listless morning.

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