College admits 239 ED students

On Dec. 15, 239 students were accepted early decision (ED) to the Class of 2016. The total class size is predicted to be 550 after regular decision admittance. Of the 239 accepted students, 127 are women and 112 are men.

This year’s ED applicant pool of 566 students was slightly smaller than last year’s pool of 572. About 43 percent of the Class of 2016 was admitted ED.

Students from 31 different states were accepted. Massachusetts is most heavily represented with 48 students. Other well-represented states include New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Texas and Illinois.

Fourteen international students were accepted ED. These students hail from a variety of countries, including Albania, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Georgia, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Kenya and Nepal.

Twenty-three percent of admitted students are students of color.

On the athletic front, 55 of the 239 admitted students were “athletic factors,” according to Director of Admission Dick Nesbitt, meaning that athletic ability was one of the deciding factors for admittance. Legacy students accounted for 38 of the accepted students.

This year, 19 first-generation students were accepted ED, while only 15 first-generation students were accepted ED into the Class of 2015.

Eleven QuestBridge students were also accepted into the Class of 2016. These students are not counted in the pool of ED applicants, as they applied through QuestBridge, which assists low-income students in the college application process, and not directly to the College. Students admitted via QuestBridge attend the College free of charge due to financial difficulties.

Academically, this year’s ED pool had substantially higher SAT scores than prior years, Nesbitt said.

“We were very happy with the academic quality of the class along with [its] diversity,” he continued. “It’s a great foundation for the Class of 2016.”

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