Admissions receives 553 early apps

As of Dec. 2, the admission office has received 553 early decision (ED) applications for the Class of 2016. Dick Nesbitt, director of admission, said that 557 applications were submitted by this time last year. For the past five years, the number of ED applications has consistently been between 531 and 600, Nesbitt said.

The deadline for ED applications was Nov. 10.

Nesbitt said that, if the pool is as strong as it is expected to be, the admission committee plans on admitting  approximately 40 percent of the class via ED. Nesbitt added that the admissions committee applies the same standards of admission for ED candidates as they do for regular decision candidates.

The committee began meeting yesterday to make admissions decisions. The committee will meet through Dec. 9, and decisions will be available online on Dec. 15.

Thus far, 21 African-Americans, 55 Asian-Americans, 29 Latinos, 372 white or unspecified students and 72 international students have applied ED to the College, Nesbitt said.

Of the 553 ED applicants, 20 percent hope to participate in at least one varsity sport at the College.

The College also works with the QuestBridge program, which links high-achieving students from low-income families to institutions. These students will receive four years of need-based financial aid without needing student loans or parental contributions.

Separate from the ED process, the admission office recently completed a review of nearly 250 QuestBridge finalists for consideration to become QuestBridge Match Scholars. “We made 18 offers and are delighted to have been matched with 11 QuestBridge finalists, five African-Americans and six Latinos,” Nesbitt said. Although these 11 students have not been included in the 553 students who applied ED, they are committed to the College. The number of students attending the College via the program has ranged from eight to 13 over the past few years.

Nesbitt said that he expects the number of ED applications to rise. “After the QuestBridge match date, QuestBridge finalists who did not match, usually because they showed a parental contribution greater than $0, have the opportunity to convert to an early decision application,” he said. Last year, the admission office saw an increase of 14 applications due to these “QuestBridge converts.” Nesbitt and the committee expect the final number of ED applications to be about 570, which would be nearly identical to last year’s number.

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