College receives $48,000 Andrew W. Mellon grant to bolster international academic programs

The Committee on International Programs received a grant of $48,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation over the summer to further promote international academic programs at the College. The announcement was made on Nov. 4. 

According to Magnus Bernhardsson, associate professor of history and chair of the Committee on International Programs, the application for this grant “was part of an ongoing conversation, self-study and committee work that was started five years ago by students, faculty and staff about how to make Williams more international – how to bring Williams to the world and the world to Williams.”

Faculty from numerous departments, including Professor of History and former Dean of the Faculty Bill Wagner, were also involved in obtaining this grant.

Bernhardsson will lead the committee in determining how the grant should be used in promoting international studies at the College. The committee is still in the process of defining its specific goals.

Bernhardsson explained that the grant is essentially “a planning grant to help develop Williams’ international programs” and that the committee “will consider the international dimensions of the curriculum and of co-curricular opportunities, the admissions and experiences of international students and the educational impact of study abroad,” he said.

Bernhardsson said the committee hopes to continue promoting international education, foreign language studies, international studies-related internships and opportunities to study abroad.

The committee is also in the process of making the resources of the Center for Development Economics more accessible to undergraduate students.

All of these efforts are a continuation of the 2020 Project, a strategic planning initiative developed in 2008.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the children of Andrew W. Mellon that awards grants in five areas: higher education and scholarships, scholarly communications and information technology, museums and art conservation, performing arts and environmental conservation. The College has received many grants from the foundation in the past.

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