Alumni response

From Christopher Giglio ’89, President, Society of Alumni; Dennis O’Shea ’77, Vice President, Society of Alumni

To the Editor:

All true daughters and sons of Williams were horrified to learn of the vile, racist verbal assault experienced by the campus community last weekend.

It was cruel. In its anonymity, it was cowardly. It was in every respect unacceptable. It was not representative of the Williams we know and love.

We fully support the concerted efforts of the college administration, Campus Safety and Security and law enforcement to identify the perpetrator, hold him or her accountable and protect all members of the community.

We just as fully support the response since Saturday of the student body, student leaders, staff, faculty and College leadership. We support your decisive action to confront this issue head-on, to consider its implications fully and to examine the campus environment without flinching. We support your collective commitment to uncover the weaknesses in that environment that may have contributed to this despicable act or that leave members of our College community feeling unsafe, unincluded or mistreated.

Students, know this: Williams alumni are one with you. You – every single one of you – are valued, cherished and admired by the 27,000 of us who have been this way before you.

Know this also: The College has been through tough, discouraging, dispiriting times before. We have emerged from those times as strong as ever, or stronger. And we have emerged because we are one, we are a community and we take care of each other.


– Christopher Giglio ’89,

President, Society of Alumni;

Dennis O’Shea ’77,

Vice President, Society of Alumni

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