Midsemester damages total approximately $1800 in first 3 months

Thus far into the semester, the College has paid $1237 in labor and $561 in material in order to repair student damages, according Bea Miles, associate director for Custodial Services. The total cost has been somewhat lower than those of past semesters, but Miles said the current damage report does not include pending incidences.

For the months of October and November, the College has paid $687 total in damages.

According to Miles, most incidents in October involved students losing their keys. Miles said that on Nov. 7, a student kicked out a door panel in Wood House. She added that more serious pending offenses for October and November include nine broken windows in Spencer House and a $250 fire safety fine for the discharge of a fire extinguisher in Lehman. These charges have not yet been included in the total damage report.

During September, the College incurred $550 worth of damage.

Miles said that most of the damages were minor incidents, such as jammed doors and broken furniture. More serious damages included broken windows in Spencer House on both Sept. 8 and Sept. 21 as well as a discharged fire extinguisher in Currier House on Sept. 6. A sink in Garfield was damaged as well; however, that has not yet been included in the damage total.

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