Month: November 2011

Alum finds satisfaction in finance

A career as an investment banker may not have the same glamour as that of the roving musician or the intrepid scientist, but for one reason or another, the field has historically drawn a large proportion of students from the College. Tim Bock ’88 is among these illustrious grads. As he describes it, he more or less chanced upon the opportunity.

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One in 2000: Alyssa Veil ’15

To do some pre-interview research on Alyssa Veil ’15, I of course went on her Facebook page. Just by looking through her photo albums, I could see that she was extremely impressive.

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Generations of Ephs keep Amherst rivalry burning

The Williams-Amherst rivalry has been fierce ever since the second president of Williams, Zephaniah Smith Moore, left Williams in 1821 to found Amherst College. In essence, Moore was in support of a resolution to move Williams to somewhere less remote, and when this resolution failed, he decided to move anyway.

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Mr. President

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College confronts hate crime, campus unites in action

Early Saturday morning, a student called into Campus Safety and Security reporting that the phrase  “All N****rs Must Die” was written in a dormitory. Originally described by the administration as a “racially hateful phrase,” the writing of the graffiti has since been filed as a hate crime by the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).

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Death threat incites manifold campus reactions

In light of the events of the past few days, originating with the racist hate crime perpetrated in Prospect House late Friday night, student and faculty response has been both powerful and divided. 

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Stop, listen and learn

Over the past four days I have grown up immensely. I want to share my story with you. I first learned about the horrific words written in Prospect on Saturday afternoon while at Saturday’s football game. I was shocked and appalled, but stayed at the game and went about the rest of my day without much interruption.

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‘Miss Representation’ exposes negative effect of media on women

Last Thursday, the Women of Color Resource Center, the Women’s Center and the leadership studies department sponsored a screening of Miss Representation at Images. The film focused on the challenges women leaders face, particularly the media’s negative portrayal of them. 

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Not on our campus

Over the course of the last four days, we have all been dealing with the aftershocks of a horrific, criminal act. In the early hours of Nov. 12, a member of our community discovered the words “All N****rs Must Die” written on the wall of a Prospect bathroom.

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In the wake of hatred, hope for change

In the earliest hour of Saturday morning, a hate crime was perpetrated and later discovered on a bathroom wall in Prospect House. The community has since united in a manner unseen in over 30 years. What became clear, though, was that the hateful words scrawled on that wall were not the root of the student action that led to Monday’s cancellation of classes. Instead, this action was a response to a culture of silence surrounding all forms of discrimination at the College; the words in Prospect were simply the last straw. Monday helped to break that silence, and it is important that we engage with the day’s implications. Going forward, we believe that the College community must concentrate on two questions: how discrimination can be addressed on campus effectively, and how we can endow all students with the tools to wrestle with these issues effectively when they leave campus.

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