Security hires Sinico as associate director

After a national search, Campus Safety and Security has appointed former patrol supervisor Tony Sinico as the new associate director of Security. The department has been without an associate director since Dave Boyer, who previously held the position, became director in February. Sinico’s term as associate director began on Sept. 26, and the announcement of hire came Oct. 5.

Sinico has worked at the College since October 2007, when he was hired as a part-time Security officer. Since then, he said he has enjoyed getting to know the campus and has increased contact with students, especially after being promoted to patrol supervisor in February 2010.

“I feel like I’ve become familiar with the culture of Williams and how our department can interact with that culture,” Sinico said. “I’m ready to take on this added role.”

Vice President for Campus Life Steve Klass said he thought it was great that a member of the College community was appointed to the position. “[Sinico] knew the nuances of this place and this campus,” he said.

Sinico also explained how much he has learned from working with Boyer. “I always admired how [Boyer] was able to manage his interactions with students and the administration,” Sinico said.

Boyer also expressed his pleasure with Sinico’s appointment. “I saw a lot in Tony the first time I met him and worked with him as a temporary officer,” he said. “Then in the search pool, Tony was put up against some very tough competition, and he shined all the way through.”

Boyer added he is looking forward to once again having a full administrative staff for his department. Boyer served as interim director from July 2010 to February 2011. “We were short an associate director, operations supervisor, three part-time officers and two part-time dispatchers at various times during the past year,” Boyer said.

In particular, “The past year and a half without an associate director has been quite a challenge,” Boyer said. “Given the volume of what goes on in this office, there is a definite need for the position.”

With a full staff, Boyer and Sinico are continuing to work on gaining national accreditation for their department. As Boyer explained when he first was appointed director, the process towards accreditation will involve a rigorous standardization of Security’s policies and documentation (“Dave Boyer named permanent director of Campus Safety and Security,” Feb. 9, 2011).

“Part of the accreditation process involves evaluating everything we do so that we bring our department up to national standards,” Boyer said.

“We’re looking [to] make things more efficient,” Sinico said. “We need to be relevant for 2011 and beyond.”

Boyer is also hoping to work more closely with resources outside the College. Sinico will likely play an important role in that effort, having trained with the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office.

“One thing we’ve learned is that information sharing is key in the 21st century,” Boyer said. He added that he hopes to build a larger support network for students, especially with Williamstown’s Village Ambulance Service.

Boyer and Sinico are busy with the standard responsibilities of their department. As compared to the quiet start to last year, there has been an uptick in activity, according to Boyer.

“It’s been a challenge so far this year,” Boyer said. “We’ve been going 100 miles an hour, due to follow-up investigations into vandalism, illegal parties, thefts and complaints, traffic control associated with the new construction project, the search for the associate director position,” and others. “It’s started to calm somewhat, but all it takes is a high-profile incident to put everything off the rails.”

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