Men’s crew 1V takes 4th behind Yale boats at Head of Housatonic Regatta

Men’s crew had its first race on Oct. 8 at the Head of the Housatonic Regatta. The 1V boat came in fourth of eight boats in the race, while the 2V boat took a close second to Fordham. The novice eight also performed well, finishing in third behind Yale and Brown.

The 1V boat competed in the IRA category, which correlates to Div. I competition, against seven Yale boats. The men finished with a time of 14:51.0, just a second behind the third-place Yale boat and 16 seconds behind the lead Yale boat.

“We should have been third,” Head Coach Pete Wells said. “We could have steered a better line, but it’s a very strange course. It was only a second difference to the boat ahead of us. Nobody passed us this year, so it was a really good performance.”

The 2V boat finished with a time of 15:34.4 in the non-IRA category, seven seconds behind first-place Fordham and almost half a minute ahead of third-place Iona. Several of the boats the men defeated typically compete as 1V boats.

“I’m extremely happy with the second varsity,” Wells said. “Their technique is a little raw, but this is the best I’ve seen them row all fall. The progress they are making is very satisfying to me, and they made a great leap.”

The novice boat finished third in 16:25.3, behind second place Brown, which took the race in 15:07.2. They finished nearly a minute ahead of the fourth-place Brown boat.

“They are eight guys that had pretty much never rowed before,” Wells said. “It’s nice to just go down there and do your best. They did a remarkable job on and off the water.”

Wells also entered 12 varsity rowers into the fours category. One of the fours took second and another took sixth in the IRA category. while the men’s third boat took third in the non-IRA. “The fours shows that we’re in pretty decent shape physically,” Wells said. “Two of the three fours did very well; the first almost won, which was remarkable.”

“We graduated eight men,” Wells said. “We really depend on walk-ons, unlike any team at [Williams]. Around 50 percent of them have never rowed before. This was an important year in terms of our walk-on freshmen because we had a huge turnout.”

Only four of the rookies have experience rowing, but two rookies rowed in varsity boats this week.

The team will compete at the Head of the Charles this weekend.

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