Sailing thwarts varsity opponents

Sailing put in a strong showing in Boston on Saturday at the Richard B. Ross College Bowl Regatta, with one of its boats finishing the day in first place. In a regatta featuring eight other teams and 17 boats total, Josh Revkin ’13 and Isaac Loh ’15 won three of five races on the day. 

The regatta included one division of fleet racing, in which each boat individually competes against all the other boats in the field. In each of the five races on the day, scoring corresponds to the boat’s respective finishing place, and the team with the lowest combined score earns first place.

Having won the first race by a significant margin, the two Ephs spent much of the second race in third place. Late in the event, however, they took advantage of a favorable wind shift to finish the race in first.

In the fourth race, the team managed to make up several spots and complete the course in fifth, thwarting an aggressive move by a competitor at the starting line. Revkin, who steered the boat as skipper, called the move “probably our best sailing of the day.” Tied going into the final race of the day, the team managed to edge out the competition, winning the race and the regatta.

The victory marks a significant achievement for the team, which often fields novices in a league dominated by strong, established varsity programs. The win also marks an amazing start for rookie Loh, who sailed for the first time ever when he joined the team this year. “It was great that Josh managed to finish as well as we knew he could,” captain Andrew Lorenzen ’12 said, “and it’s really remarkable he did it with someone who was totally new to racing.”

Sailing will compete in its next regatta this Saturday and Sunday in Larchmont, N.Y.

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