Women’s rugby suffers defeat to Bowdoin

Women’s rugby officially started its fall league season with a game against Bowdoin on Saturday. After dropping a game to the Bowdoin squad last weekend at the Beantown Tournament, the women were prepared for another tough match, but ultimately fell to Bowdoin by a 25-0 margin. The women’s B-side team defeated U-Mass Amherst with a 7-0 result on Saturday. 

After an intense week of practice and the addition of some rookies to fill out their numbers, the women were better prepared for their second match and first league match against Bowdoin. The White Dawgs stepped up their game, displaying solid rucks and a strong passing game. In the first half, the women asserted themselves as a force to be reckoned with: The White Dawgs pushed the Polar Bears back into their 22 early in the match with some truly spectacular runs made by prop Dilia Ortega ’13 and linie Meredith Yang ’14. Despite this strong start from the women, Bowdoin rallied, overloading its line and pushing its linies through the Williams defense. The Polar Bears made two tries in the first 40 minutes of the game. Despite Bowdoin’s early lead, the women put up a strong challenge in the second half . Quickly learning the Bowdoin strategy, the Williams forwards and backs worked together to fill out their line, preventing their opponents from easy breakaways in the second half. Krysten Fernandez ’13 made several fierce tackles, and rookie Elizabeth Dietz ’15 made some great kicks, allowing the White Dawgs to put some distance between Bowdoin and their try zone area. Despite these valiant efforts, Bowdoin dominated in the scrumdowns and managed to break through the women’s defense at their 22. The Polar Bears scored three tries in the second half and brought the final score to 25-0 in Bowdoin’s favor.

Despite the women’s loss, Head Coach Gina Coleman found the performance encouraging. “This is not the same team that faced Bowdoin last Saturday,” she said. “We are getting stronger every week. I can’t wait to follow these rookies and see what they can do.”

The Killer Bees, the women’s B-side team, also made their season premiere against the team from U-Mass Amherst. The Killer Bees won the match 7-0, and the women’s performance on the pitch demonstrated that they have gained some talented rookies this season. Though most of the rookies are still learning their positions, they played hard and made significant contributions to the women’s effort. Sallie Lau ’15 made some solid tackles and then went on to score the winning try of the match. The final score was 7-0, with the Killer Bees on top.

The women will host the squad from Tufts on Saturday.

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