MinCo gains access to CC funds

Last Wednesday evening, College Council (CC) approved a joint resolution with the Minority Coalition (MinCo) that effectively allows MinCo to access CC co-sponsorship funds while still maintaining its own operating budget. The various groups within MinCo will also be encouraged to become CC-approved groups.

The amendments will ideally allow MinCo as an organization to focus more on funding speakers, activist-oriented events and conferences. The Multicultural Center (MCC) will be involved in helping out CC with funding through Lehman Council, political organizations and other social justice-oriented groups. MinCo recently gave its support for the amendment after the resolution was drawn up between Director of the MCC Lili Rodriguez ’01 and CC.

“The purpose of the funding bylaw change is to remedy the historic division between MinCo groups and [CC]-approved groups,” said Zach Evans ’12, CC’s community and diversity representative.

To avoid confusion over where MinCo groups can receive their funding, the CC amendment explicitly states the new ability of MinCo groups to access co-sponsorship funds. However, MinCo groups will continue the process of applying for the heritage funds allocated by the dean’s office for each group’s annual heritage month or week. Additionally, at the end of the academic year, CC will suggest to all the MinCo groups that they apply and become official CC groups.

“When I was elected, the issue of making MinCo groups CC-approved was one of the first topics we discussed,” CC co-president Nick Fogel ’12 said. “To me, it was a glaring problem to have minority groups under one system and all other college groups under another.”

According to Fogel, the MCC is undergoing several changes in an attempt to become more of an activist organization, which fit CC’s plan to create a system that would include MinCo groups with CC. “Under the new resolution, MinCo will still have its own operating budget but will now come to CC for co-sponsorship type requests,” Fogel said. Activist groups will now go to the MCC for these same types of events.

While MinCo is directly affected by these changes, it was not the only entity to implement the resolution. “We were happy about the changes, but this was the MCC’s project, and they did not ask much input from us as MinCo,” former MinCo co-president Grant Torres ’12 said. “These changes were made with CC and the head of the [MCC].”

“Although MinCo groups will still be able to look to the MCC for institutional support, the incorporation of MinCo groups as CC-approved groups provides a symbolic and long-overdue unification of campus organizations” Evans said. According to Fogel, CC hopes that the change, however, is more than symbolic, in that CC “will actively seek to collaborate with the MinCo board in the future on initiatives to improve our campus.”

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