Midsemester dorm damages increase to $5752 from fall

To date, the College has incurred $9684 in total house damages for the 2010-11 school year, which includes $5752 from the spring semester thus far. This is a significant increase from the fall midsemester figure of $1750.
According to Bobbi Senecal, coordinator of Facilities Services, the dorm with the highest damage costs for the year is Prospect at $1615. Tyler Annex has the lowest damage bill for the semester at $59, a significant decrease from last semester’s figure of $444.
According to Senecal, 22 houses have incurred damages this semester, the highest of which were Brooks at $764, Morgan at $761, Garfield at $714, Tyler House at $681, Dodd at $636, Wood at $559.90 and Williams Hall at $306.
The other houses that had damages were Agard, Armstrong, Carter, Currier, Dennett, Doughty, East, Lehman, Mills, Perry, Pratt, Sage and Spencer, although the damages totals for all of these houses were each below $300.
There were 23 bio-cleanups as of March 30, taking place in Agard, Armstrong, Brooks, Carter, Currier, Dodd, Garfield, Goodrich Hall, Lehman, Morgan, Paresky, Prospect, Sage, Spencer and Wood.
Senecal said that this was a significant increase from last year’s number of bio-cleanups, as there were “a total of 14 [bio-cleanups] for 2009-10.”
According to Senecal, the damages incurred so far this semester “include costs from three bio-cleanups in Goodrich Hall and two bio-cleanups in Paresky totaling $859.10.”
The tally for damages does not include the charges for the damage in Agard resulting from a broken toilet, as these costs were undertaken by the responsible persons.

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